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Battery operated vehicles have been provided at Puri Railway station for senior citizens, sick people and differently abled persons.
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A good train for Rail Fanning as it passes through lesser used routes for most part of the journey.
Part I: Thanjavur to Tiruchchirappalli
The train runs well in this sector. The maximum speed is around 90 km/hr. Do doorplating for as long as you like. Nobody cares. Speeds around 80 to 90 km/hr will not cause any harm. The huge Golden Rock D.L.S. will come just before Tiruchchirappalli. There will be a sharp left curve before entering Tiruchchirappalli Railway Station. I was lucky to capture Cholan Express on my trip as it was 4 hours late and just before this train.
Part II: Tiruchchirappalli to Erode
Enjoy the ride along the banks of the Kaveri River till Erode. The M.P.S. of this section is around 105 km/hr. So, be careful while standing at the door. Sideway movement of ICF Sleeper Coaches start at 100 km/hr.
Erode will come sometime around 11:45 pm. to midnight. Get down and have a cup of coffee as the train usually halts for around 20 minutes. Look out for Cheran Express which usually arrives at Platform 1, as this train arrives at Platform 2. It might be that by the time this train leaves, Cheran just arrives.
Part III: Erode to Salem
Watch out for the bridge over the Kaveri River just few minutes after departing from Erode. Try standing on the left door. Notice the Kanja Malai Hill just before Salem.
Part IV: Salem to Bangalore
Try to stay at the door for as long as you can. At first, the terrain will be flat. But, after few minutes, the speed will decrease to around 50 to 70 km/hr and stay so for an hour due to a steady climb of 400 metres till Dharmapuri. The terrain is entirely hilly till just before the start of Dharmapuri Town. The wind will be strong and very chilly. So, be prepared for that. Get down at Dharmapuri to soak in the atmosphere. I was lucky to capture 11013 Lokmaniya Tilak (T) to Coimbatore Express on my trip, as it was running around 1 hour 50 minutes late. Even it was running with WDP-4D.
Do not stop railfanning. The hilly terrains continue till about the outskirts of Hosur. The speeds will increase but there will be another steady rise of about 600 metres till Hosur. Just before entering Bangalore, look out for the steep ramp at Baiyyappanahalli. It is a fascinating view.
Part V: Bangalore to Mysore
Stand at the door till the train exits entire city region of Bangalore, i.e., till Kengeri. The sharp curves are a charm for any railfan, and South Bangalore has plenty of them, and in both directions, left and right. After that, sit at your seat, because daily commuters will start boarding the train in a hurry.
Start railfanning once the train approaches Pandavapura. Shrirangapattana is a small curvy station situated between the Northern and Southern branches of Kaveri, a treat to the eyes. As the train turns sharply towards South Kaveri (right), the view is amazing.
As the train approaches Mysore, stay. Notice the huge Goods Terminal just before city region of Mysore starts. The city roads can be identified by huge gradients. The entry into Mysore Railway Station is also curvy (right).

Have a look.
When did you travel in this train ?
You missed TPJ curve between GOC and TPJ.
Oh yess....adding that....
I travelled on 15th night from Thanjavur and de-boarded at Mysore on the 16th.
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