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Getting Overtaken by Ratnachal express at Kovvur from last 3 days..

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20812, 22881 kosam Navabpalem loop lo padesadu Gowthami ni... Amaravathi ki mandatory OT spot Kovvur lo ichadu..
Tirumala which started from BZA parallel to Gowthami got priority and raced ahead not allowed to get overtaken by Gowthami at stations like Nuzvid, Bhimadolu..
Papam Gowthami asalu preference ne ledu. Yeppudu late avuthundi...yem karmo
Karma karma.
Ninna Ratnachal and Anga back to back action.. Ratnachal raced ahead till BZA..
It's time when Pinakini might show its power to SER Superstar 12842 Coromandel Express
Testing time for SCR controllers today
Many late running trains from MAS towards BZA
So here is the line up for the RB
12512 < 15119 < 12842 < 22613 < 12712 < 12295 < 12246
Fyi 22613 has thrashed Pinakini at Bitragunta
All the Best!!!

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Kindly do not divert topic.
Reply that which location in India which can be reach by you faster.
You fake critic and NCR haters should keep away from NCR. you are having nothing without NCR. Atleast Rajdhani is there now what about other locations?
NCR is not free for running trains ontime for peoples like you. Kindly accept that you cannot reach faster without NCR.
@Others- Kindly ignore fake and wrong statements of such users. He can not tell a single location which is equally far and he can reach within similar time. He just want to discourage peoples for avoiding to travel via NCR.
Please feel free and comfortable while booking any train which runs via NCR. you will surely say thanks to NCR
Any train? Huh..
I know how well the likes of jsj, magadh, swatantrata senani, north east and many more superfasts are running in your NCR..
Single location? I can tell you multiple locations which are more far and takes either equal or less time.. go and check how well poorva exp is doing in your ncr.. as far as i know hwh-ndls section of around 1400 kms is taking more time than hwh-mas or hwh-sc which are 1600 kms apart..its all because of some moronic controllers of a zone which is equally supported by some andhbhakts like this user who doesn't know even the abc of railways..
Why are you changing topic?
Who told you that Poorva run on high priority? Talk about Rajdhani
Tell the name of location directly.
Tell a single train which cover Howrah Chennai or Howrah SC within 16 hours .
If not then stop spreading fake rumours against your own nation in front of world
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