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The 'school bus' liveried diesel hunk WDG-4D 70531 from NER's Izzatnagar (IZN) Diesel Shed beautifully curves, in full notch, humming and smoking leading the nearly 6 hours late running 11301 Chhattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Mumbai - Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna Bengaluru City Udyan Express as offlink in its last diesel days (14/04/2018)

Lagta Hai Aaj Koi Khas Vyakti Yatra Kar Raha Tha
Vaishali Ko Overtake Bhi Kiya Aur Gorakhpur Sirf 30 Min Late Pahuchi 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
★ काश ऐसा रोज़ होता ★

अल्लाह मेहरबान तो गधा भी पहलवान :P
07245 / 07246 CCT - RC - CCT Biweekly Special is extended to Run for the months of May and June 2018
Kakinada Town – Raichur – Kakinada Town special Train: (36 Services)
Train No.07245 Kakinada Town – Raichur special train will depart Kakinada Town at 15.05hrs o­n 01st, 03rd, 08th, 10th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 29th,31st May & 05th, 07th, 12th,14th, 19th, 21st, 26th, 28th June, 2018 and arrive Raichur at 09.30hrs o­n the next day.
In the return direction Train No.07246 Raichur – Kakinada Town will depart Raichur at 14.25hrs o­n 2nd, 4th, 9th, 11th, 16th, 18th, 23rd , 25th & 30th May & 1st, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 20th, 22nd ,27th, 29th June 2018 and arrive Kakinada Town at 08.35hrs o­n the next day.
Enroute, these special trains will stop at Samalkot, Dwarapudi, Rajahmundry, Nidadavolu, Tanuku, Bhimavaram town, Akividu, Kaikaluru, Gudivada, Vijayawada, Guntur, Narsaraopet, Vinukonda, Donakonda, Markapur Road, Giddalur, Nandyal, Betamcherla, Dhone, Maddikera, Guntakal, Adoni and Mantralayam stations in both the directions.
These special trains consist of AC III Tier, AC Chair Car, Sleeper Class, Chair Car coaches....

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Ookondi ookondi antha chesi malli nannu entuku laagutaaru antaru mee simplicity edaitoh undo na bu na bhav _/\_
anthe ga mari ....ninna 10'o clock TT techinappude adho anukunna.....asala day motham maaaripoyindi ...extend varaku ok ...TT kuda marchesaaaadu ...mariii 10 slot ante doubt vasthadi ani mali 9:30 slot ippinchadu....asala enthayinaa maa baaaaa aaaa mazaakaaa na...
chesinde chebthadu ...cheppindi chesthadu..deggarundi chepinchi teerathadu....chakram tippadam vennatho pettina vidya kada baaa ki :D _/\_
aaaa simplicity lo matram mimmalni kottaleru le dora...enthayina meee simplicity tho polchukuntey maaaa andari simplicity kuda enduku paniki raaadu ....aaaa simplicity aaa hundaathanam aaaaa kalividi thanam ... _/\_ _/\_
Silent ga esaaru ga banda _/\_.
Emayina mee simplicity toh polchukunte maadentha dora pilla bittiri bachagaallam..
chusara...ikkada kuda mee simplicity everest ni adirohinchesindi ....anduke dora anedi ....meee simplicity tho polchukuntey memu asala lekkaloki kuda raaamu ani .....
malli prove chesaru Simplity King ani ...meee SRG naamakaranam lo S ante Simplicity a anukunta kada dora _/\_
The First set of 'Train-18', an “engine-less” train that can run at 160 kmph and which could replace the Shatabdi Express, will be rolled out from the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) here by July end.
The first train-set consisting of 16 coaches can run either on the Delhi-Bhopal sector or the Chennai-Bengaluru sector by the end of this year or early next year after necessary trials and tests.
The indigenous train designed to run at a top speed of 160 kmph will be free of locomotive since traction motors will be fitted underneath each coach to render them self-propelled.
“We were planning to roll out the first train set by June, but due to some issues, we will be able to get them out of our factory by the end of July. I can assure you that the first set will be out of the ICF by August 15, 2018. The design has been done by our own engineers and we can proudly say that it is an indigenous train,” Sudhanshu Mani, General Manager of ICF, told DH.
Interiors of Train 18
But, he says it is for the Railway Board to take a call on the route on which the first train will run.
“I think they can run it on the Delhi-Bhopal sector where the tracks can withhold train running at a speed of 160 kmph. But, these trains can also be run on the Chennai-Bengaluru sector. It is for the Railway Board to decide,” he said.
After the train set is rolled out from ICF, it will be put to further tests and trials by Indian Railways before inducting it for passenger service.
'Train-18' that would replace the existing Shatabdi Express, which runs as day trains between major cities in respective regions, will be fully air-conditioned with second class and premium first class and will boast of automatic doors, vacuum toilets, comfortable doors, on-board infotainment and facilities for people with special needs.
“The train design is like the EMU, but the design is world-class and this train set does not need a locomotive. We got order for 2 train sets and both will be handed over to the Railway Board after which they would be put into passenger service. This is a watershed moment for ICF since it is a near indigenous train,” S P Vavre, Chief Design Engineer, Electrical Design and Development Centre, ICF, told DH.
Though tracks on the Chennai-Bengaluru sector are design only to run trains with a maximum speed of 120 kmph, the new “Train-18” on this route will reduce the travel time since the newly-designed trains will have better acceleration.
'Train 20'
Mani also said the ICF would also come out with “Train 20” that would gradually replace the long-distance Rajdhani trains by the end of 2020.
“Work on the next model will begin very soon and we will be able to meet the deadline,” Mani said.
Features of 'Train 18':
GPS based Passenger Information System
On Board Infotainment
Speed of 160 kmph
Quick Acceleration
Underslung propulsion
Vaccum toilets
Comfortable interiors
Automatic doors

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RDSO is not an easy task considering Indian conditions. They are trying out new things. We people will enjoy all the facilities once a model clicks. They are not causing any inconvenience to public as of now. We might get the best one (like we got for LHB).
RDSO creating job for them self by creating various models. RDSO is also part of us, they get salary from the taxes and tickets money from people only. LHB is concept of Germany and they just following. If railways cannot reduce it over heads, what ever earnings it will be losses only.
Technological development is the lifeline for any company or industry. Every great company needs and has a great R&D team to test new products and new technologies. The job of RDSO is to invent and create something workable and new for the railways. That is their job and it is not creating it, the Govt. and the Railway Board are the ones that gave them the job. The T-18 sets are said to be less costly than imported ones. So, it is better to invest and invent in India, for Indian conditions that just give revenue for the foreign companies.
see the global statement what ever u gave is fine. But how many models they will create ? U can have R&D but that doesnt mean you keep on creating every 6 months one new thing and stop that concept and going for other. Gatiman fit for 160 kmph, Tejas fir 200kmph (They said), also humsafar now T-18. Later next year they will come with other model. Is R&D means every year new type of train or what ? When it will get standardized ?
If this t-18 fir for 160kmph well and good. But what are the sectors in indian railways fit for 160kmph ? If they convert Shathadi to T-18 then where the present LHB rakes and Swarna shatabdi, tejas, Gatiman, model rakes will be used ? What ever LHB manufacturing happening are fit for next 20 years. All TEJAS are in losses, how T-18 ticket fare ? Will it be a hit ?
One has to consider all these factors when design happens, right ?
Gatiman, Tejas and Humsafar are not "new" creations, they are just new trains fitted with new and modified coaches, I mean new concepts. T-18 is a different ball game. The other trains need a loco to haul them, T-18 doesn't need a loco, It is like a Metro or MMTS or MEMU type train, it is a self-propelled train.
The train also takes lot of time to come on to tracks, I think. The railway infrastructure will also be developed along with it. The LHB rakes not used will be probably be deployed in non high speed sections, I guess.
TKD WAP-7 30348 pulling 12263 PUNE-NZM Duranto Express.
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