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Train Status: 44m late
Last Update: at UMED/Umed @ Today (14:00)
Next Station: SWF/Sathin Road
Next Halt: RKB/Raikabag Palace Junction

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Today (13:48)
Pax# 7  [3A]  [BKN-->BVI]
Re# 2563614-62            Tags   Past Edits
at JOM/Jogi Magra: 53m late

Today (13:49)
Udit Mehta~  Pax# 7  [3A]  [BKN-->BVI]
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at GOTN/Gotan

Today (13:53)
Pax# 7  [3A]  [BKN-->BVI]
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at KXG/Kharia Khangarh: 45m late
skipped at 98 & xing with ju - hisar demu

Today (13:56)
Udit Mehta~  Pax# 7  [3A]  [BKN-->BVI]
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KXG/Kharia Khangarh 4 km<-->5 km UMED/Umed: 46m late

Today (14:00)
Udit Mehta~  Pax# 7  [3A]  [BKN-->BVI]
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at UMED/Umed: 44m late
skipped at 105
Journey Date: Sat Oct 21
19321/Indore - Rajendranagar Express (via Faizabad)
Trip Entry# 202492  PNR Entry# 2560509
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From: INDB/Indore Junction BG
To: RJPB/Rajendra Nagar Terminal (Patna)
Number of PNRs on this Trip: 10
6 wishes
HJ Happy journey varun bhai HJ HJ HJ HJ VaRuन🏖️(AC सुपरफास्ट wale)
Trip is in progress. Status not available.
Live logging has already been enabled for this trip.
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Picture wale bhai sahab confusia gaye tum unki picture kaahe levat rahe ho😁

TB Mai INDB-PATNA AGAR(Patna) mentioned hai..TB change Kar DIY honge Shipra se.

😃😃For a moment I thought..Kahi Malwa chod k Galti toh nhi Kar Di.

Kyn WAG9 with Passenger.

I am the first Passenger who entered 😅
New Kochuveli- Mangaluru Jn. ANTYODAYA to Leave KCVL on Thu and Sat @ 9 25 pm and will Reach MAJN @9 15am.
Return from MAJN on Sun and Fri @8 pm and reaching KCVL at 8 15 am As Per a Local Newspaper Report.

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Yo yo yo
Enaaya idu...
Anga oru antodaya
Ten gandidham hs
South TN ku no Shatabdi, HS, Raj, Antyodaya, GR, AC SF
Yes. IR always introduces trains in the wrong slot and then uses it as a reason to discontinue the service.
Extension of 22651 is not there is the report.
Adaan yeen!!
Ms mdu fedl almost over.....
Train Status: 14m late
Last Update: at JOP/Jaunpur City @ Today (13:57)
Next Station: BKSA/Bakhsha
Next Halt: SLN/Sultanpur Junction

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Check now...if correct I'll update for return train also

Today (13:13)
Mr Wayne😎©®🍺~  Pax# 5  [3A]  [BSB-->LKO]
Re# 2564621-5            Tags   Past Edits
at SOP/Shivpur

Today (13:42)
Mr Wayne😎©®🍺~  Pax# 5  [3A]  [BSB-->LKO]
Re# 2564621-6            Tags   Past Edits
at KSF/Khalispur
crawl at best

Today (13:57)
Mr Wayne😎©®🍺~  Pax# 5  [3A]  [BSB-->LKO]
Re# 2564621-7            Tags   Past Edits
at JOP/Jaunpur City
areived after successive successful crawls.... what has happened to NR these days... bizzare punctuality
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