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Dec 11 2017 (20:12)  

1714883/Congrats Rohit Sharma for 3rd ODI Double Ton~   990 blog posts   229 correct pred (57% accurate)
To @ all: The competition for the best daily SF in India reaches the FINALS ! Here , those trains which won the regional polls and wildacard poll are competing. The winner of this poll will be given the tag of "King of India".
Those who can't vote can use the reply feature and their vote would be added with a "Thanks" rating. For those who think my poll is a copied one , see the other 34 polls and you would understand:(Links will be added later)
Links of the previous polls:
1)SR level 1 poll
2)SWR level 1 poll
3)SCR level 1 poll
4)CR level 1 poll
5)WCR - SECR level 1 poll
6)WR level 1 poll
7)NWR level 1 poll
8)ER level 1 poll (Created by Pran Pratim Ghosh sir)
9)SER level 1 poll
10)ECoR-NFR level 1 poll
11)ECR level 1 poll (Created by The Lone Ranger Bhai)
12)NR level 1 poll
13)NCR level 1 poll
14)NER level 1 poll
15)SR level 2 poll
16)SWR level 2 poll
17)SCR level 2 poll
18)CR level 2 poll
19)WCR - SECR level 2 poll
20)WR level 2 poll
21)NWR level 2 poll
22)ER level 2 poll
23)SER level 2 poll
24)ECoR-NFR level 2 poll
25)ECR level 2 poll (Created by The Lone Ranger Bhai)
26)NR level 2 poll
27)NCR level 2 poll
28)NER level 2 poll
29)The Southern Regional Poll
30)The Western Regional Poll
31)The Eastern Regional Poll
32)The Central Regional Poll
33)The Northern Regional poll
34)The Wildcard poll
Informed votes: Vikramshila+3
Special thanks to Pran Pratim Ghosh Sir , The Lone ranger Sir and Hardikpathak1527 sir for creating polls and popularising my polls.

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Telangana is still continuing with 12 votes lead over Vikramshila on day 3 of this poll. Seems that IRI is bored with TN's rule and is voting for TG here. Probably this poll will be the 1st poll where TG will win over TN. More votes as there is a lot of time left till saturday !
Some interesting incidents in this series of polls:
1)Qualifying after the poll ends:This is an incident associated with Sachkhand Express. This train managed only 1 vote in the SCR level 1 poll.But the next day , it had got 5 votes ! (Qualifying requirement is 3 votes in level 1). 2 of those 4 votes , if registered on time , would have seen Sachkhand qualify !
Vikramshila.. Bihar ki shaan 😎😍
To @ all: This is a kind of a survey poll to know the joining period of members. All members are requested to vote in this. This poll might also be useful to know an approximate number of active RFs on the site , if all of them vote. Those who cannot vote can use the reply feature. Their votes would definitely be added.
Thanks in advance for your votes ,
Preetham Karthikeyan
Note:All members who have joined in 2017 should vote in the 4th option. The 3rd option is revised as 2015-2016.

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October 27 2014. :)
2010-2014 Span of 5 years & 2015-2017 Span is 3 years so how this is justice ? :)
Similarly mine is October 2012 😂😎
Thanks for the correction
i actually cameon 2014 for 3 months then due to 12th examsi deleted and joind on 2016.....thus i have opted 3rd option
Congrats SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAY for the great Victory.
Here is the list of the winners of this poll.
1.winner of the poll - Southern Central Railway (the sunrisers)
2.Runner Up of the poll - Southern Railwayn (the Superkings )
3. Fair play award - North Eastern Railway (the Lions)
4. Man of the poll award - 1.Preetham (1714883) - Madurai
2.Prem (1388142) Gadag
5. Best Performance award - 1. Ravi Prasad Shukla (339802) -Gorakhpur
2. Vijay (1345336) -TPJ
note: Award 1 , 2 and 3 are for zones and Award 4 and 5 are for members
1. A member can only votes for his Home Zone or Nearby zone(nearby zone mean the zone of their nearby station). So no cross voting will be allowed. Cross voting result to the cancellation of your votes. Multiple Ids are allowed for voting.
2. All the decision are decided by a 5-7 member committee(not me) . and their decision are full and final .
3. The member who wants to be the member of committee can msg me in private( compulsory to provide whats app number . Only 5 members will be selected for committee for lucky draw.
4. Fair play award will only be decided by committee members . It does not meant that this award for 3rd winner.
5. Man of the poll award will be awarded to the member who found to be promoting the poll . they can be 2 or 3 members . He will be awarded by 20 Loco pictures or more.
6. Best poll performance award goes to the person who available most of the time in the poll , controlling other members by solving their queries , having good number of blogs in poll( not necessary to be highest). to be decided by committee members ( will be awarded by 10 loco pics )
7. If someone has problem with poll than before reporting the poll , he is advised to contact me first. I will think about the changes he want for the poll.
8. The list of committee members will be disclose at last when the prize distribution ends.
9. The award for best effective member will be introduced on the demand of members.

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There must be more, where blog keeps going on for years.
Look - dont keep bringing more and more categories. I have prepared a list. If you wanna do more categories, do it yourself.
When will the 300th vote will be seen and who'll put it ?
Let's see...
Sir ! This poll has reached 300 votes !
This poll has reached 300 votes !
17 votes
Today (03:21)  

1469784/mainakdgr~   55 blog posts   5 correct pred (33% accurate)
Which Intercity train of Eastern Railways should get LHB Rake on a priority basis?

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Eigulo modhe BD chhara konotai possible noi
MLDT ICE r ASN ICE k debe na becoz MLDT r ASN e LHB maintenance crew nai
Maa tara keo eto taratari debena r hool er to RSA issue
12337/38/39/40/41/42 & 53047/48 on Top in ER 4 Rakes Rsa make it Diffucult
22387/38 Black Dimond Exp ECR Train
22321/22 , 13017/18/53/54 & 12347/48 also requires 4 Rakes
13465/66 & Sdah-Asn Reason given By Soubhik
Maa Tara has good chance of geeting LHB no Rsa problem & Mantinance Problem
Black Diamond is of ECR.
better edit the poll as which ICE, remove ER, as Black is ECR one...
nhi lagta sdah div koi ice ko lhb dega, waise bhi Maa tara less important train hai..
All member plz tell that they are from which state .I want to know that which state having largest number of rail fans.
Plz vote More and more so that your state wins.
Winner will be awarded by this prize😎😎 for Winner
2. Pics for Runner UP. for Fair Play award
4.Man of the Poll award.
Result will be declared at 21:30 of 19/sept/2017 . 🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂
Winner of poll is - Uttar pradesh
Runner Up award - Bihar
Fair play award - West Bangal-Orrissa and Rajsthan
Man of the poll - Neeraj Kumar (1480955)

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I think there are more RFs in TN than the number of votes for TN in this poll , i.e. 8.
Wo to hamesha hi jota h.
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