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I have a ticket in ANVT-BSB GR for todays journey from LUCKNOW to VARANASI...Now I need to take my friend with me as well
But as the train has departed there's no other option...
Current available mein 100+ seats show krra tha...
What should I do as this a GaribRath train...
Hello SR Buffzz..
TJ- TVR Jn Electrification on Full Swing..
TJ ouTet to Kudikadu= E Beams placed in Concrete Holes.
TJ ouTer to 300 mts towards TVR Jn= E Beams Strengthened in Holes by Concrete Cements.Now Seen CUrrent Position.
Process Going to Kudikadu
WHOLE TVR Jn -TJ section getting nEw life..
Works like Painting tracks, Station painting, New Ballets POuring, Painting Track Related Indication Things etc..
GM neer Kola Masss..

All Crossing levels restricticted By E Line Beams on both Sides.

Saw that E Line Red Van for Work and Ballets Packed Goods Rakes at SaliYamangalam Station.
E WOrkeRs Amenities n Things Stored also in SaliYamangalam..
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Thanks for ur wonderful updates bro, 70c is working now at good pace ,hope both ML and this electrification will get good allocation in next FY in pink book
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1259288/Shrinathji   32 blog posts
अब प्रीमियम ट्रेनों में लगेंगे अनुभूति कोच, मिलेंगी फ्लाइट जैसी सुविधाये ।।
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Today (13:32)  

1259288/Shrinathji   32 blog posts
नाम बड़े और दर्शन छोटे।
रेलवे राजनीतिक दबाव के चलते योजनाएँ तो स्वीकृत कर लेता है लेकिन फण्ड की कमी और अन्य कारणों की वजह से इनमें से 10 फीसदी भी समय पे पूरी नहीं हो पाती है।।
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