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Traveled By Upasana Exp On 20th March From Howrah To Dehradun. I Must Say, I Would Hardly Travel By This Train Again [ Forget The Other Option Super Crawler Doon Exp ] . My Coach 2A Was A Very Old One With Dirty Window Glass , Though On Boards House Keeping Team Ensured A Neat & Clean Compartment. On Day 1, You Will Have Good Food Options Through Ecatering. But On Day 2 Your Nightmare Resumes. I Ordered My Lunch From Bareily . But Just Before Reaching Bareily I Got A Call From The Restaurant That They Serve "Veg Only". I Failed To Understand Why On Earth They Offer Non Veg Menus While Placing Orders. Train Was Running Late After Lucknow. And It became A Nightmare After Haridwar. Reached Dehradun 1 Hour 30 Mins Beyond Its Schedule
I have been posting few tips on food. So here is another one.
1. I am posting under SBC, since no Metro station page exists and SBC is the nearest.
2. I am posting under sightseeing, because 'food' means 'food at the station or near'. So not using that.
Sightseeing, because visitors to Bengaluru will not just go seeing palaces and parks, but also would love to eat the food available here. So....
Pics: 1,3,4,5,6.
This is one hotel you must have seen or heard on TV or read in papers. It's the famous 'Vidyarthi Bhavan' Hotel in Basavangudi.
This old hotel is very famous for its Masala Dose. The Masala Dose here is one of best. Its thick and crispy with a golden brown hue. Ghee just oozes out of the Dose.
There is mashed potato palya inside the Dose. The side dish is the coconut chutney with more fried grams than coconut.
The hotel also has some other items, but everyone orders this Dose only. You can see on YT videos how they stack the doses one above another and serve it.
It is located in Central Old Bengaluru and the wait to get a seat is quite long.
But is it worth it?
Well yes, one - you can say that you have eaten at this hotel :)
Two - it is one of the best Dose you will ever taste. So the wait is worth it.
On the flip side - it's costly - 46 Rs. The wait and the crowd is also off-putting too.
Here is the location - nearest Metro is 'National College Metro' on Green Line.
click here
Some YT videos: click here
When one visits Bengaluru, you will see "Darshini" style of restaurant in every locality.
What is it? Well, to beat the space crunch and offer cheap food to the working class, this type of hotels was started in Bengaluru by one man. It was first started in Basavangudi - just half a Km - from VB. Its called Upahara Darshini UD. It's mentioned here too click here
The man who started it : click here Its given Jayanagar, but Basavangudi was the first.
In this type of hotel the sevice is fast and the food is tasty and cheap too.
Pay the money and buy a token and hand it over to the person behind the counter. Most of the food items would be ready and you will get served immediately. Some like Dose will take few minutes. Then bring the food to your table - Standing table - and eat and move on.
These hotels are seen in almost every locality here.
The first one was UD - Pic 9 - near Netkallapa Circle in Basavangudi.
Location: click here
Here the Dose is as good as VB. Just a bit thinner, lesser ghee. But you get Sambhar too. And the service is fast. After giving the token, you can watch "magic" happen on the Dose cooking stone in front of you :) Cost - Rs. 38.
Other items are Button Idly - Rs. 22 - Pic 2 and 8. This is served with thili saaru (something b/w a sambhar and rasam). You can ask for the Sambhar or chutney, if you don't like thili saaru.
Sambhar is darshini hotels are reddish in colour, thick and a bit sweet. It's called Mangaluru sambhar. Used exclusively for tiffin items.
There is the Shavige Bath - Pic 7. This is a vermicelli dish accompanied with green chilli chutney. Rs. 28.
But the best is the "Oothu Shavige" - Pic 10 - this is same as shavige bath but the vermicelli is short strands and lots of grated coconut, hint of lemon, coriander, green chilli, groundnut accompanied with red chilli chutney. Rs. 30.
Is it worth going there? Yes, you can certainly try, just for the sake of history of the place and the taste. The crowd is heavy, but since it is darshini type, the crowd keeps moving fast.
If you are unable to go to any of these places. Dont worry. Nowadays, the development of darshini hotels is so much that every locality has one. There is competition in prices too. Masala Dose is available at Rs. 25 too. Other items like Uddina Vade (big crispy ones - you can see in this post as I have no pics /blog/post/2171718 Idly, Kesari Bath you can try.
Or the item only available in KA - Bisi Bele Bath topped with hot ghee and sprinkled with crispy hot khara boondi (Hot Dal Rice) is a delight too available at these hotels.
Hope this post gave you some info on the famous Bengaluru masala doses, sambhar and other items. Do try out these tiffin items when you visit the city :)
Hope one day Moderator implements this suggestion /blog/post/2811634
Until then for further reading, if you are interested :
Trivia: Basavangudi is an old locality of Bengaluru. The last 4 letters - GUDI is used for the name "Malgudi" - a name used for an ICE - /blog/post/2801842

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Every locality have this small house or shops where the self-employed people cook and serve food. These places they cook in their house - so hygienic and cheap too. You can try any place. One mudde is some 10-12 Rs. They give sambhar (greens/vegetables/grams) for the mudde free.
Or if you are non-veg person, try mudde and chicken/mutton saaru. The best.
Or if you dont get saaru also, no problems. The villagers who cant afford to prepare - dunk the ragi bits in plain water and swallow. That mudde full of protein will slowly digest dissipating energy thru the day. For hotness, just one or 2 chillies they use for biting.
Here are some places you can try. Its just some 2-3 Kms from SBC.
Chamrajpet Chicken Darshini.
The first ever Non-Veg "darshini".
click here
1. Morning - Goat trotters + soup. Or just soup (10 Rs). Or Dose and butter chicken gravy (10 Rs).
2. Afternoon - Ragi mudde + chicken gravy + a bowl of rice + chicken fry/butter chicken + rasam + onions and lemon = 60/65 Rs.
Very cheap, clean and unlimited gravy, they keep in buckets, serve yourself. But very hot with lots of green chillies.
For veg - just walk few hundred yards towards Mysuru Circle. On the left only, one house (next to a bakery) they cook food and serve. Cheapest meal in Bengaluru - I know of.
22 Rs - Large quantity of rice + (greens/vegetables/grams) sambhar + rasam + buttermilk + pickle + papad + one vegetable.
Ragi ball -12 Rs.
Again today u made me to miss karnataka flavours And Mouth watering just by seeing your words feeling like i am eating all these items and enjoying the taste..
one can reach vidyarthi bhavan by taking namma metro green line from majestic and getting down at national college basavanagudi station
A long time back it was said that the best Masala Dosa in the then Bangalore was at Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR) near Lalbagh. Is the old MTR restaurant still around?
Yes but very expensive masala dosa is like 70 or something
Take autos from main entrance side (towards PF1) and not from PF4 side, autos from PF4 side will charge more as there is parking charge on that side.
Do not pay more than Rs 120 in any case for auto to go to Vigyan Nagar/Rajeev Gandhi Nagar/Mahaveer Nagar/Talwandi/Indra Vihar. Taking advantage of new travelers auto drivers sometimes even ask for Rs 500 and people who do not know the rate pay it willingly.
Shared Tata Magics running on specific routes available on PF1 side. They are the cheapest option if you don't have much luggage and your destination is near jhalawar road, keshavpura square, Mahaveer Nagar circle, Nayapura Bus Stand.

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I get one vote like everyone else - there's nothing special. You have provided detailed and useful info, which needs to be appreciated. Thanks for the same.
Your vote will still have little more value, atleast for me.
IRI has has been providing me useful info for years, this is least I can do to repay IRI.
Tkts booked Ex PNP/SZM do not CNF easily. Best clearance is Ex NDLS/MTJ
followed by Ex ASR (GNWL).
example here
Even NDLS to Kota did not CNF, which shd have easily CNFd ex NDLS.

One can book till UMB which comes in GNWL.
As said by you, tickets post NDLS have greater chance of confirmation.
For instance i opted for GNWL (bdts - umb) than PQWL (bdts - ndls) and book tickets at 6am. By 8:45am chart was prepared and got confirmed seat.
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