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SXB/Sambre (1 PFs)
ಸಾಂಬರೆ     सांबरे

Track: Construction - Doubling+Electrification

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State: Karnataka

Elevation: 732 m above sea level
Zone: SWR/South Western   Division: SSS Hubballi (Hubli)

No Recent News for SXB/Sambre
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Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 1
Number of Halting Trains: 4
Number of Originating Trains: 0
Number of Terminating Trains: 0
0 Follows
Rating: 5.0/5 (8 votes)
cleanliness - excellent (1)
porters/escalators - excellent (1)
food - excellent (1)
transportation - excellent (1)
lodging - excellent (1)
railfanning - excellent (1)
sightseeing - excellent (1)
safety - excellent (1)
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Station News

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Nov 25 2021 (22:21) Start Rail Bus/ Rail car service from Belgavi City Railway station to Sambra Airport (
New/Special Trains
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 470896  Blog Entry# 5144545   
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Nov 25 2021 (22:21)
Station Tag: Sambre/SXB added by Bjp Majn Exp and Bidr Vsg Exp/48335

Nov 25 2021 (22:21)
Station Tag: Belagavi (Belgaum)/BGM added by Bjp Majn Exp and Bidr Vsg Exp/48335
Stations:  Belagavi (Belgaum)/BGM   Sambre/SXB  
The citizens council today gave a memorandum to Mrs. Usha Padhe Jt. Secretary ,Ministry Of Civil Aviation Govt Of India via airport director Rajesh Kumar Maurya at the Belagavi airport.
Belagavi airport has become the busiest airport in the region having more than 26 arrivals and departures to different parts of India viz, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad , etc. having maximum number of commuters / passengers traveling. With so much of passengers and being the busiest airport terminal we regret to bring to your kind notice that there is no proper modes of transit connectivity link between Belagavi airport ( apx 15 kms away from city center) to Belagavi City.
we would like to bring to your kind notice mam, that the Belagavi railway station is the major nearest Railway Station having its rail connectivity with equidistance from Mumbai and Bangalore. Even Sambra is a Railway station which is very near to the Belagavi airport. With the infrastructure ready we think that we should make maximum of available resources and to overcome the problem of Airport to City Center connectivity we feel that in present scenario Rail Bus or Rail Car is the best suitable option for Belagavi to solve the problems faced by passengers visiting Belagavi.
As you are aware of the fact that the Airport rail link is a service providing passenger rail transport from an airport to a nearby city center by mainline or commuter trains, rapid transit, people mover or light rail. Direct links operate straight to the airport terminal , while the other systems require an intermediate use of people mover or shuttle bus. Although the rail links have been popular solutions in Europe and japan for decades only recently it is gaining its popularity in India too. Advantages of Rail Car includes faster travel time and easy interconnection with other public transport while authorities have benefited from less highway and parking congestions , less pollution and additional business opportunities. Additionally , the links benefits airports by drawing in more passengers via easy access.
In India Indian railways has successfully implemented Rail Bus services in following destination, viz.1. Yeshwantpur To Nelamangam ( 22 kms ) SWR2. Bagalkot to Khajjidoni ( 29 kms )SWR3. Bangarpet to Kollar ( 17 kms ) SWR4. Vijapure ( Gujarat) to Ambliyasan ( 42kms ) WR5. Merta Road to Merta City ( 15 kms ) NWR6. Khamgaon to Jalamb ( 13 kms ) CR7. Kakinada to Kotipalli ( 45 kms ) SCR8. Bobbali to Saluru ( 16 kms ) SCR9. Mathura to Vrindavan ( 15 kms ) NCR10. Indara to Doharighat ( 37 kms ) NER
For the reasons stated above we would like to request you Madam, to have a coordination meeting with the Indian Railways and to take up this issues with a priority and make our region more better place to live in. We hope you will consider this matter as most important and urgent and do the needful for the better development of our city in a true sense

Nov 23 2021 (14:42) Chamber of Commerce and Industries submits memorandum to GM SWR (
Commentary/Human Interest
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 470728  Blog Entry# 5140992   
  Past Edits
Nov 23 2021 (14:42)
Station Tag: Sambre/SXB added by Bjp Majn Exp and Bidr Vsg Exp/48335

Nov 23 2021 (14:42)
Station Tag: Desur/DUR added by Bjp Majn Exp and Bidr Vsg Exp/48335

Nov 23 2021 (14:42)
Station Tag: Karad/KRD added by Bjp Majn Exp and Bidr Vsg Exp/48335

Nov 23 2021 (14:42)
Station Tag: Belagavi (Belgaum)/BGM added by Bjp Majn Exp and Bidr Vsg Exp/48335
The Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industries President Shri Rohan Juvali, Hon. Secretary Shri Prabhkar Nagarmunoli, Taxation Committee Chairman Shri Rajendra Mugekar & ICD Inchage Smt. Nilima Shevade met South Western Railway General Manager Shri Sanjeev Kishor, at Belagavi Railway Station and submitted the memorandum as given below
Excerpts from the memorandum –
1. Due priority should also be
given to the already surveyed Belagavi-Karad railway line via Sankeshwar Nippani such that the entire Mumbai-Bengaluru Industrial corridor is covered by this project.
2. It is felt that the Railway Authorities should inform traders and industries in the town and appeal them to make maximum use of the Railway goods transport facilities and regularly update new Trains, change in timings, passenger amenities etc. to the Chamber.
3. Slip coaches and Military bogie to be attached to Nizamuddin express from Belagavi and slip coaches for Hyderabad, Tirupati and Chennai Trains.
4. Avail the facility of Blank Paper Ticket issue in the Handicapped Quota to the physically disabled citizen.
Railway Over Bridges in Belagavi City:
We also bring too your kind attention that out of five Proposed Railway Over Bridges (RoB), two have been completed and third ROB at 3rd Railway Gate is under process which has to be get completed by end of January 2022 as committed by Railway Department officials & also remaining two Railway Over Bridges work process has to be start immediately.
Cargo and Agriculture Rail Network:
Special emphasis and promotion on transporting of perishable and non perishable agriculture produce by train could also be introduced. As Belagavi and its surrounding is a major hub for such Agriculture produce and Industries.
1. Provision for electric car for senior citizens and differently able people on platform.
2. Well equipped Medical stores should be provided on platform.
3. Installation of Platform Ticket Vending Machine (coin operated) will greatly avoid the unnecessary rushes at the Ticket Counter.
4. More number of sitting arrangements is to be provided at all the platforms (especially platform No.1).
5. Existing CCTV surveillances facilities has to be upgraded.
6. Adequate Ladies Police personal must be deputed on platforms 24 hours.
7. Separate dedicated Train enquiry and customer care booth to be set up at the station.
8. Prepaid Counters of Taxi, Auto Rickshaw to be assisted with Police person.
9. Vigilance and strict check should be carried out on vendors selling food products above MRP and also after expiry date.
10. Dedicated Ambulance facility from Railway department at Belagavi Railway Station has to be provided on priority.
1. Introduction of intercity train to Belagavi-Pune preferably departure time should be at 6.00 AM from Belagavi and from Pune departure should be at 6.00 P.M.
2. Existing Mysuru-Dharwad train should be extended to Belagavi.
3. There is a demand for a train from Miraj to Chennai via Bengaluru.
4. Provision for a train to Goa from Belagavi preferably leaving from Belagavi in morning to facilitate trade and tourism industries.
5. It is our earnest request to increase the passengers Quota of Belagavi station for Bengaluru for Rani Chanamma Express.
6. Audio visual displays in every bogies showing current station and on coming station.
7. Belagavi Vasco daily intercity Express (2 Nos) (Many people need onward connectivity to) South side.
Inland Container Depot
The Inland Container Depot (ICD) has been stated at Desur in 2004, but in 2017 The Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise, Belagavi vide letter dated 04-04-2017 renewed the License of Custodianship of ICD, Desur for further period of Five Years from 18-04-2016 to 17-04-2021 & the Notification from Customs given permission to finally begin operation was in August 2019. The Operation has just picked up, when the termination Notice has been issued.
The Main aim of the Inland Container depot is to facilitate Exporters / Importers of North Karnataka area. To revive the operations at the ICD and an amount of about Rs.5 Cr. was invested in stepping up the infrastructure at the terminal like paved area, high mast lighting, Cameras, reach stacker to load and unload container, EDI CONNECTIVTY to ensure all transactions would be online.
But unfortunately the Railway Department terminate the allotted lease of Land admeasuring to 18000 sqms to CONCOR in 2019, since the Land is urgently required by Railways for developing store of PGCIL for Electrification purpose vide Notice No CON/SCR/CM/MOA/ Desur/2019/1098 dtd 25th October 2019.
ICD Desur is a smart activity in Smart City Project, it would have helped to generate revenue through Customs clearances. Belagavi is the Second Largest Exporter in Karnataka.
On this occasion Shri sanjeev Kishor, general Manager SWR said that we have inspected the sambra station and Inland Container Depot will be start another 6 months at sambra, he also said that 31st of January 2022 the 3rd Railway Overbridge work will be completed.
1,) Earlier proposal of present DWR ‘Mys – DWR upto MRJ to be Expediated2) present Inter city Sidhganga DWR ‘ SBC ‘ DWR 2 b extended upto BGM3) BGM- AYODHYA new 🚆 announced by then Min of State Rail late shree Suresh Angadi 2b commenced4) Intercity of Belgavi- Pune- Belgavi needs to be taken with Railway Board as there is resistance From General Manager & DRM Pune of Central Railway 🛤 on Platform availability at Pune jn, new terminal at Hadapsar idle can run upto HDP,5) Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Medical stores on All Important stations in SWR & Their respective Divisions6) Belgavi should be declared as Sub Divisional Head Quarter of SWR by Attaching Satara- Sangli- Miraj section on operational grounds7) Belgavi To Sangli new train 🚆8) Belgavi- Dadar- Belgavi Intercity Exp.9) Belgavi to Mangaluru via Madgaon new train 🚆 to have direct Access once Doubbling & Electrification is completed10) New Rail survey of Belgavi- Karwar via Ramnagar, Dandeli.11) Belgavi -Hubballi- DEMU12) Belgavi- Rameshwaram via Hubballi & Chennai MGR new train 🚆.13) Rail coach maintenance shed at Belgavi14) Belgavi- Solapur new train via Miraj jn

4 Public Posts - Tue Nov 23, 2021

Sep 24 2020 (11:25) Cement dealer to MoSR – Suresh Angadi – RIP (
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 419413  Blog Entry# 4723955   
  Past Edits
Sep 24 2020 (11:26)
Station Tag: Sambre/SXB added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Sep 24 2020 (11:26)
Station Tag: Wadi Junction/WADI added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Sep 24 2020 (11:26)
Station Tag: Gadag Junction/GDG added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Sep 24 2020 (11:26)
Station Tag: Harihar/HRR added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Sep 24 2020 (11:26)
Station Tag: Kottur/KOTT added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Sep 24 2020 (11:26)
Station Tag: Kudachi/KUD added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Sep 24 2020 (11:26)
Station Tag: Bagalkot Junction/BGK added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Sep 24 2020 (11:26)
Station Tag: Lokapur/LKPUR added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Sep 24 2020 (11:26)
Station Tag: Dharwad/DWR added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Sep 24 2020 (11:26)
Station Tag: Belagavi (Belgaum)/BGM added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335
Suresh Channabasappa Angadi, minister of state for Railways passed of COVID -19 related causes, in New Delhi on 23/09/2020. He was 65. He leaves behind his mother, wife, two daughters and their families.
The Four time BJP Member of Parliament from Belagavi constituency is the first central minister of India to succumb to the epidemic.
Shri Suresh Angadi took over as new Minister of State of Railways on 31st May, 2019.
was born to Somawwa and Chanabasappa Angadi at Kanavi Koravina Koppa village and completed his graduation from S.S.S. Samithi College of commerce in Belagavi. Later, he also graduated in Law from Raja Lakhamgouda Law College, Belagavi.
A member of Bharatiya Janata Party, he became the vice president of the party’s Belagavi district unit in 1996. He continued in that office till 1999. In 2001 he was nominated as the president of the district unit and continued to hold that post until he was nominated as the party’s candidate for the Belagavi Lok Sabha constituency in 2004. He was re elected to a second term as Member of Parliament in the 2009 General Elections. He was elected for a third consecutive term in 2014 and 2019.
Many know him as a cement trader with a office in Ramdev Galli Belagavi he grew his business and also his presence the BJP all by himself.
He was an active worker who led many strikes and protests in Belagavi and other northern districts. Like most BJP leaders in north Karnataka, he spent a lifetime in the party. He was not a defector from other parties.
He had the image of a soft spoken, non controversial leader.
Mr Angadi set up a series of colleges including Angadi institute of engineering and management.
He also started a degree college in his village and named it after his mother Somawwa.
His followers credit him for leading agitations and lobbying that led to the establishment of Belagavi institute of medical sciences, VTU and expansion of the Sambra airport.
His daughters are married to sons of industries minister Jagadish Shettar and retired IAS officer Shankar Patil. They have all rushed to New Delhi, family sources said.
As soon as he became the MoS Railways he has accomplished many things which was a dream for Belagavi. Railway activists have praised union minister of state for railways Suresh Angadi’s efficient handling of the department.
He fulfilled the demand for a super fast train from Bengaluru to Belagavi, and opened up the Kottur -Harihar line. He got the due sanctions for the Dharwad – Kittur railway line. He tried to resolve the land acquisition related issues in the Bagalkot – Kudchi line and the Gdag- Wadi line.
He set up terminal capacity facilities like a Pit Line and stabilising line that allow new trains in Belagavi. He also mooted the idea of setting up a goods shed near the Sambra airport to help exporters.
Nov 04 2019 (13:49) Container Depot at Sambra: Railway coach repair unit at Desur (
New Facilities/Technology
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 394336  Blog Entry# 4477755   
  Past Edits
Nov 04 2019 (13:49)
Station Tag: Sambre/SXB added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Nov 04 2019 (13:49)
Station Tag: Desur/DUR added by Next train from SWR~/48335
Stations:  Sambre/SXB   Desur/DUR  
The Railways has asked Container Corporation of India Limited to vacate the land leased to it at Desur as the said land is urgently required by Railways for developing a store of PGCIL for electrification purposes.
Now sources have confirmed that MoSR Suresh Angadi has told the SWR to set up a container depot close to the airport near Sambra and a new Railway Coach repair and maintenance unit will be set up at Desur.
are also planning to invest close to 2000cr to develop the ancillary units to supply to Indian railways and also export railway components abroad and the MoSR had identified Kittur for the same.

Mar 01 2019 (12:25) Belagavi Railway station to get new modern building (
New/Special Trains
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 377655  Blog Entry# 4245773   
  Past Edits
Mar 01 2019 (12:25)
Station Tag: Sambre/SXB added by BijapurBulls2Titles~/48335

Mar 01 2019 (12:25)
Station Tag: Belagavi (Belgaum)/BGM added by BijapurBulls2Titles~/48335
Stations:  Belagavi (Belgaum)/BGM   Sambre/SXB  
Today the foundation stone was laid by Mr. Suresh Angadi for the construction of the new Station Building at Belagavi.
Belagavi is an important Non Suburban Grade—3 station with an average footfall of 15,000 per day located between Londa-Miraj section. The existing station building was constructed during 1887, about 130 years old on jack Arch roof with lime mortar.
Now new energy-efficient building with modern amenities is being constructed at a cost of Rs.12 Cr. This is being done under the doubling of Londa — Miraj section.
station has been designed by noted architect Bakul Joshi from Belagavi.
The modern amenities being provided in New station building are :-
• Concourse for free movement of passengers
• Modern booking counters
• Executive lounge
• Waiting hall for Ladies/Gents
• Food court
• Retiring rooms
• Escalator
In addition to the above it is also planned to widen Platform Number 1 along with improvements to the surface and platform shelter.
Additional Foot Over Bridge connecting Platform-I with Platform-2/3 is also being constructed.
Considering the increased traffic at this station a second entry to Belagavi Station is also planned. This will be taken up after shifting the existing Goods Shed facilities at Belagavi to Sambre Station.

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