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Today (11:13)  

183592/VijayAditya*~   1690 blog posts   34 correct pred (68% accurate)
Where is Ramu kaka(SANDY SUDHA OIL COMMON PEEPUL BHOOKMARI) these days? Gone were the days years ago where he used to enlighten folks in the forum with his wisdom attained via selling apples in Himachal? Boy, IRI was different back then. I guess people will say the same in a few years about IRI today, coz evolution.
A few arguements, some fights, meeting people for the first time, meeting multiple times and remaining friends and basically having a face to what otherwise seem like just IP addresses these days. Just reminiscing the good old days :)

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Hi VJ, thanks for calling my attention. Yeah, I have always been bemused, yet astonishingly, with these Ramu Kaka stories and +1 on reminiscing of those good old days, albeit acrimonious to some extent, but it was common knowledge that none had any harmful grudge, where debates spanned from train trivia to literature to personalities, meets, foods & fads, travelogues, PNRs, basic but effective user interface, lighter moments, anecdotes, and what not. Simply put, IRI, without any second opinion, was more COLORFUL with those plain themes then than the recent rainbowish look.
So, what's ailing (IMHO) the site? Lack of personalities/characters/fun (now don't pounce on me with a war cry, claiming, "who said RF'ing isn't fun?"), change of generation or people (or evolution as you said), drastic shift of focus from all and sundry to hardcore RF, revised format? I'm so dumbstruck that I don't have a clear answer. Maybe sometime someone will come up with a poll.
All I can say is I'm hoping against hope that that lost folk is back and the site duly gets on top again with the numero uno status that it held more than Roger Federer.
True that Mahesh. I for one have started increasing my participation to a slight extent. But what is still holding me back is that I am missing a lot of stalwarts who adorned the site in the past but are now conspicuous by their absence.
A welcome walk down memory lane Vijay. Indeed Ramu Kaka in his various avatars is sorely missed.
you haven't seen the new corp of FM's, who pounce upon anyone who doesn't behave like kids in convent school
colorful personalities in such an environment are as likely as developing intergalactic travel in this generation :P
that said, it still manages to be acrimonious.
Sounds music to my ears. I may also get more involved commensurate with the improvement in the overall quality of content and people.
Happy Birthday Inderjeet Bhaiya _/\_ 😊😊

Happy 🎂 birthday sir..
Shortly will be boarding this train.
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Jul 27 2014 (12:50)  

41440/sGs*^~   6416 blog posts   10053 correct pred (77% accurate)
As i Expected More Participants, Only 10 Joined The Quiz. Ksg Sir Speed is Appreciated. Prabhu had Answered only 18.
Soumithra Ji got First Mark 70
Question No 4 Had Wrong Options, So Bonus 2 & Q17 was to be Divisions instead of Zones so Bonus 2,
Thanks for Participating
Correct Answers
1. D.Both
2. C.Sealdh-Ndls
3. B.Kerala Express Runs Every Day
4. After Formation of Teluganna it Passes through 12 States
5. C.Palace on wheels
6. C.150
7. B.kolakatta
8. B.Varanasi
9. A.Karwar-Madgoan 3 Cars DMU
10. B.Pirpanjal J&k
11. BWEL- Bharat Wagon & Engineering Co. Ltd
12. C.1947
13. A.1676mm (5 Ft 6 In)
14. B.Life Line of Nation
15. C.Monkey hill-Khandala. This is the First Longest Tunnel. Currently Pirpanjal in J&k
16. B.Asif Ali
17. Correct Answer is 68 Option It was Mentioned Wrongly
18. B.SER
19. B.42
20. B.CR
21. A.RPM
22. C.1853
23. B.Silguiri
24. A.1947
25. C.Switzerland
26. A.1698 The first commercial steam-powered device was a water pump, developed in 1698 by Thomas Savery
27. A.Nilgiri Passenger Avg Speed is 9kmph
28. B. WAG9
29. C.11 (Duranto/Rajdhani/Ac Exp/Shatabdhi/Garib Rath/Jan Shatabdhi/ICE-SF-MAIL/Exp/Pass-Fast Pass/Sub Urban/Metro
30. A.The Mallard. LNER CLASS A4 4468. Mallard is the holder of the world speed record for steam locomotives at 125.88 mph (202.58 km/h). The record was achieved on 3 July 1938 on the slight downward grade of Stoke Bank south of Grantham on the East Coast Main Line, and the highest speed was recorded at milepost 90¼, between Little Bytham and Essendine. It broke the German (DRG Class 05) 002's 1936 record of 124.5 mph (200.4 km/h). The record attempt was carried out during the trials of a new quick acting brake (the Westinghouse "QSA" brake)
31. D.None, Its An EMU, How does it Smoke !
32. B.Caution for Tunnel. This Sign Exists Only in Konkan Railway
33. B.Attention
34. B.736
35. D.5, Darjeeling Himalayan/NilGiri Mountain/Kalka Shimala/Matheran Hill/Kangara Valley
36. C.1895 Ajmere
37. C.Perambur TN
38. D.All The Above
39. A
40. A.Teak
41. B.Turnout
42. C.Deccan Queen
43. C.Fairy Queen
44. B.Maitree Exp (FriendShip Exp)
45. C.Bilapur
46. C.1905 Sir Thomas Robertson who was appointed by His Majesty as Special Commissioner to report on future management of railways submitted his report in 1903. As a result of his efforts the Railway Board assumed office in 1905
47. C.Kerala
48. B.Aug 11
49. B. Roll On Roll OFF
50. D.Terminal

37 posts - Sun Jul 27, 2014

Kya yaar bola nahi mujhe :(
announced a week before
When will be the next quiz?
Next Tim change quiz time to 7pm. That time many will be tthere so more participants
Yes, you need to include Jan-sadharan also and yuva also
Saraswati Puja ki shubhkamnaye

same to you.
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