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Posted: Feb 20 2018 (13:12)

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Last Response: Mar 07 2018 (00:42)
Race is on between SCR darling Prasanthi and 18047 Amaravathi both were at VSKP with darling leading

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The mess was created due to not charging the tt of amaravati between vzm-bza....It is same schedule as it was when it was skipping vakp..At that time it doesn't have problem..Now with the sme tt it has to send 35-40min to go inside and come out of vakp...Where does BZA can maintain...
It's SCR mistake to be specific as they didn't reworked th e tt which made this mess.and there you go the ald jn of south RJY with constraints at outer for platform..Making it even more difficult ..dvd-bza became a complete medan..Unless it is resolved by adding infra,ntgothing cm be done..
No one should suffer be it intercity pax or long distance train pax..Both are paying money to travel and they have the equal rights ...
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