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Posted: Feb 09 (18:38)

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Feb 09 (18:38)   IMG18309/♥♥Machilipatnam <---> Chandigarh ANDHRA PRADESH Sampark Kranti♥♥

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Hello friends, this is my new Imaginary train Visakhapatnam ___ Chandigarh ANDHRA PRADESH Sampark Kranti. It is a tri-weekly train between Visakhapatnam and Chandigarh. Pls give your suggestions and valuable feedback. And also flag the train green if you like it :)

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Feb 14 (18:15)
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* Maximum pax bookings from Vizag shall be for Delhi. This train reach New Delhi at 1:55 hr which is highly undesirable.
* Next Important Overnight destination is Raipur and this train covers this journey in only 8 hrs with very convenient timing (23:00-7:00), for which there is already a daily train, just 17 coacher 18518 VSKP-R-Korba which take 10:35(19:55-6:30) hrs against just 8 hrs of the proposed train. Paxs of the existing 18518 shall switch over to the proposed train.
* Not much traffic is expected from cities other than Chandigarh which have good timing(arr. 5:45- 3rd day).
* AP SK starting from tip of AP and serving just VSKP & VZM is not desirable. This train should be extended southwards to cover the coastal districts of AP and important stations like Rajmundhry, Samalkot etc. It may be extended far off to Tirupati to serve AP in a much better way.
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