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12676/Kovai SF Express
கோவை அதிவிரைவு வண்டி     कोवै सुपरफास्ट एक्सप्रेस

CBE/Coimbatore Main Junction --> MAS/MGR Chennai Central

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Return# 12675
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Train is cancelled from 17.08.2019 to 21.08.2019 due to NI work at ED yard
Wed Aug 14, 2019 (12:42PM)
Inaugural Run
Thu Apr 14, 1977
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Mar 02 (13:22) CHANGE IN COMPOSITION OF TRAINS Kovai Express (
Coach Augmentations
IR Press Release

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Train No. 12675 / 12676 Dr MGR Chennai Central – Coimbatore – Dr MGR Chennai Central Kovai Express has been restore Two Second Class Chair Cars wiht effect from 29.02.2020 Ex. Dr. MGR Chennai Central and Ex. Coimbatore.
The revised composition is: Luggage Cum Generator Van- 2 Coaches, General Second Class- 5 Coaches, Second Class Chair Car – 14 Coaches, AC Chair Car coach – 2 Coaches,

Aug 15 2019 (09:23) Trains cancelled due to non-interlocking works - The Hindu (
Other News

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Trains:  Coimbatore - MGR Chennai Central Weekly SF Express/12682   MGR Chennai Central - Coimbatore Weekly SF Express/12681   Coimbatore - M.G.R Chennai Central InterCity SF Express/12680   Mayiladuturai - Coimbatore Jan Shatabdi Express/12083   Kovai SF Express/12676   Erode - Jolarpettai Passenger/56112   Erode - Jolarpettai Passenger/56846   Jolarpettai - Erode Passenger/56845   Jolarpettai - Erode Passenger/56111   Palakkad Town -Tiruchchirappalli Fast Passenger/56712   Tiruchchirappalli - Palakkad Town Fast Passenger/56713   Tiruchchirappalli - Erode Passenger/56109   Erode - Tiruchchirappalli Passenger/56110   Erode - Mettur Dam Passenger/56100   Mettur Dam - Erode Passenger/56101   Kochuveli - Hyderabad Special Fare Special/07116   Hyderabad - Kochuveli Special Fare Special/07115   Mettur Dam - Salem Passenger/56103   Salem - Mettur Dam Passenger/56102   Palakkad Town - Erode MEMU/66608   Erode - Palakkad Town MEMU/66609   Salem - Karur DEMU/76855   Karur - Salem DEMU/76856   Salem - Karur DEMU/76857   Karur - Salem DEMU/76858   Chemmozhi Express/16616   Chemmozhi Express/16615   Coimbatore - Rameswaram Express(via Trichy)/16618   Ernakulam - MGR Chennai Central Suvidha Special/82632   Karur - Salem DEMU Special/06833XX   Ernakulam Jn. - MGR Chennai Central Special Fare Special/06038  
Posted by: Gokul_Bas~ 18 news posts
Due to non-interlocking works at Erode Railway Junction, the following train services that originate or pass through Salem Railway Division are fully cancelled from August 17 to 21.
The name and number of the trains and the dates cancelled are as follows:
Erode-Mettur Dam passenger (56100) - August 18 to 22; Mettur Dam - Erode passenger (56101)- August 17 to 22; Coimbatore – Mannargudi - Coimbatore Express (16615/16616), Salem - Mettur Dam – Salem passenger (56102/56103), Salem - Karur passenger (56107) - August 17 to 21; Karur – Salem passenger (56108 )
- August 16 to 21; Salem - Karur passenger (56105) - August 17 to 22; Karur - Salem passenger (56106 ) - August 17 to 21; Mayiladuthurai – Coimbatore - Mayiladuthurai Express Jan Shatabdi (12083), Erode - Jolarpettai passenger (56112) - August 17 to 21; Palakkad Town - Erode Junction passenger (66608) - August 16 to 21, Erode - Palakkad passenger (66609) - August 17 to 22; Erode to Jolarpettai passenger (56846) - August 16 to 21; Jolarpettai - Erode passenger (56845) -August 17 to 22; Palakkad - Tiruchirappalli – Palakkad passenger (56712/56713), Tiruchirappalli - Erode – Tiruchirappalli passenger (56109/56110) and Jolarpettai - Erode passenger (56111) - August 17 to 21.
Coimbatore - Puratchithalaivar Dr. M.G. Ramachandran Central Intercity Express – Coimbatore (12680/79) , Coimbatore – Central – Coimbatore Kovai Express (12676/75), Karur - Salem – Karur Express (06833/34) - August 17 to 21.
Central - Coimbatore - Central Express (12681) - journey commencing from August 17, and Coimbatore – Central Express (12682) - journey commencing from August 16 are cancelled.
Coimbatore - Rameswaram – Coimbatore Express (16618/17) will be cancelled for journeys commencing from August 20. Ernakulam- Central Express (82632/06038) - August 18; Hyderabad- Kochuveli Special train (07115)- journey commencing from originating station on August 21 is cancelled, and Kochuveli - Hyderabad Special train (07116) - journey commencing from originating station on August 19 is cancelled, a press release said.
The demand for augmentation of coaches in trains such as Jan Shatabdi Express and Coimbatore – Nagercoil Superfast Express, which run with less than 20 coaches in spite of demand and patronage, is growing louder.
Train no. 22668 Coimbatore – Nagercoil Superfast Express has 17 coaches and train no. 12084 Coimbatore – Mayiladuthurai Jan Shatabdi Express has 16 coaches, according to railway data.

of extra coaches is necessary to meet the demands of the passengers, says S. Ravi, rail activist and intellectual property rights professional.
“Jan Shatabdi Express has only one air-conditioned chair-car coach, while train no. 12680 Intercity Superfast Express and train no. 12676 Kovai Superfast Express that run between Coimbatore and Chennai have two or three air-conditioned chair-car coaches. On the other hand, train no. 12648 Kongu Express from Coimbatore to Hazrat Nizamuddin, which was inaugurated in 2000, has no pantry despite having 24 coaches,” he points out.
“Travelling for 48 hours in a train without pantry is a huge problem,” Mr. Ravi says, adding that passengers have to wait for the subsequent station even for coffee or tea.
The Nilgiri Express must be augmented using German-made Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches in order to ensure sustained patronage from the passengers, he suggests.
May 01 2019 (19:01) Temporary Stoppage at Danishpet for Kovai Express on 19th May (
Temporary Stops
IR Press Release

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May 01 2019 (19:01)
Train Tag: Kovai SF Express/12676 added by Pŕāķāşh*^~/375223
Trains:  Kovai SF Express/12676  
Stations:  Danishpet/DSPT  
Posted by: de_prakash^~ 102 news posts
In connection with the Annual Conference of Friends Missionary Prayer band at Danishpet, Train No. 12676 Coimbatore to Puratchi Thalaivar Dr. M.G. Ramachandran Central Station , Kovai Express will be provided with o­ne minute stoppage at DANISHPET on 19.05.2019 at 17.50hrs and will depart at 17.51hrs for o­ne day.
Mar 01 2019 (03:53) Kovai, Brindavan Exp trains lose 2 second-class seater coaches (
Other News

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Mar 01 2019 (03:54)
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Mar 01 2019 (03:54)
Station Tag: Chennai Central/MAS added by Skumar^~/1911491

Mar 01 2019 (03:54)
Station Tag: Coimbatore Main Junction/CBE added by Skumar^~/1911491

Mar 01 2019 (03:54)
Train Tag: Kovai SF Express/12676 added by Skumar^~/1911491

Mar 01 2019 (03:54)
Train Tag: Kovai SF Express/12675 added by Skumar^~/1911491

Mar 01 2019 (03:54)
Train Tag: Brindavan Express/12640 added by Skumar^~/1911491

Mar 01 2019 (03:54)
Train Tag: Brindavan Express/12639 added by Skumar^~/1911491
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CHENNAI: In what can be conceived as a move to push passengers to opt for AC classes, the Southern Railway has removed two second-class seater coaches from Kovai and Brindavan Expresses. Instead it has added two general coaches in these two trains on the pretext of catering to the unreserved passengers. The revised coach composition, which came into effect on Tuesday, has resulted in reducing number of second-class seater coaches to 12 as from 14 in the Kovai Express. Each coach has 108 seats. Now the train has lost 226 seats in second-class seater coaches which cost just `180 between Chennai and Coimbatore. The AC chair car fare is `665.
“Now passengers, who could not find seats in second-class seater coaches, will be left
with no option but to choose chair car in Kovai Express or Chennai-Coimbatore Shatabdi Express. The minimum fare in Shatabdi starts at `950 (including `200 for catering charges),” said S Karthick, a regular commuter. This is not the first such attempt. Ever since the launch of Coimbatore-Chennai Duronto Express in 2013 which was later converted into Shatabdi Express, the Railways has been accused of increasing travel time of Kovai Express so as to increase the patronage for Shatabdi. “Until 2013, the train reached Central at 9.20 pm during its return journey from Coimbatore. Then, the arrival time was fixed at 9.45 pm and now it is 11 pm,” said train enthusiast R Madhan.
When contacted, officials denied the charges and attributed the decision to higher demand of unreserved passengers in the Chennai-Jolarpettai section. “No additional general coaches can be added without removing existing coaches as they already had 24 coaches. Based on the sale of unreserved tickets at enroute stations, general coaches are being added,” said the officials.

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