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12664/Tiruchchirappalli - Howrah SF Express (PT)
திருச்சிராப்பள்ளி - ஹவுரா அதிவிரைவு ரயில்     तिरुच्चिराप्पल्लि - हावड़ा सुपरफास्ट एक्सप्रेस

TPJ/Tiruchchirappalli Junction --> HWH/Howrah Junction

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▪️S6 & S7 are De-Reserved between TPJ-MS ▪️ Last SLR is differently abled & Ladies coach ▪️ Running with Uthkrist Rake.▪️ Permanently argumented with One AC III tier coach from 15.11.19
Fri Nov 15, 2019 (01:20PM)
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2 Dedicated Uthkrist Rakes. PM -- TPJ.
Rating: 3.8/5 (72 votes)
cleanliness - good (12)
punctuality - good (13)
food - average (11)
ticket avbl - good (12)
u/r coach - average (5)
railfanning - good (12)
safety - excellent (12)
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TIRUCHY: Southern Railway (SR) will add a parcel coach to 11 long-distance trains in a bid to boost freight revenue.“A long-distance train usually has 24 coaches. Out of these, two are guard vans. A portion of the guard vans is used to carry parcels. So, parcels are often cleared on the basis of space available in guard vans. An additional coach would increase parcel handling capacity of these trains,” an official said.Railways, sources said, will lease the parcel coaches to private players. “We would select private players through bidding. Successful bidders can then use the coaches. This would increase freight revenue and help private courier operators in the country,” said sources.SR has selected trains like the Grand Trunk Express (Train No: 12615, From Chennai Central to New Delhi), Tamil Nadu Express (Train No: 12621, Chennai Central to New Delhi ), Navajivan Express (Train No: 12656, From Chennai Central to Ahmedabad), Howrah Mail (Train 12840, Chennai to Kolkata), Coromandel Express (Train No: 12842,...
Chennai Central to Kolkata) Shalimar Express (Train  No 22826,   Chennai to Shalimar), Howrah Express (Train No: 12664 Tiruchirappalli to Howrah Junction) and a few other trains for this initiative.Railway Minister Piyush Goyal in an unstarred reply in Parliament addressed to MP Pratima Mondal recently confirmed the plan of leasing out these parcel coaches. Goyal in his response to Mondal also said Railways is expecting revenue of Rs 645.22 crore in the 2018-19 financial year through this leasing policy.According to sources,  instructions have been given to commercial officers in Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Palakkad, Tiruchy, and  Madurai to give publicity to the decision.“We have selected trains to Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and other major destinations for this initiative. Of the 11 selected trains, six start from Chennai and one from Tiruchy. We are sure we would get a good response to this initiative,” a source said. Sources said SR would attach the additional parcel coach to the selected trains by January.

In order to provide additional travelling facility for waitlisted passenger, the following Express Trains will permanently augment with additional coaches as detailed below: -
Permanent Augmentation of Trains:
1. Train No. 12659 Nagercoil – Shalimar Gurudev Express will be permanently augmented with o­ne AC III Tier Coach with effect from 24th November, 2019.
2. Train No. 12660 Shalimar – Nagercoil Gurudev Express will be
permanently augmented with o­ne AC III Tier Coach with effect from 27th November, 2019.
3. Train No. 12664 Tiruchchirappalli – Howrah Express will be permanently augmented with o­ne AC III Tier Coach with effect from 15th November, 2019.
4. Train No. 12663 Howrah – Tiruchchirappalli Express will be permanently augmented with o­ne AC III Tier Coach with effect from 17th November, 2019.
5. Train No. 16614 Coimbatore – Rajkot Express will be permanently augmented with o­ne AC III Tier Coach with effect from 21st November, 2019.
6. Train No. 16613 Rajkot – Coimbatore Express will be permanently augmented with o­ne AC III Tier Coach with effect from 24th November, 2019.
7. Train No. 16793 Rameswaram – Faizabad Shraddha Sethu Express will be permanently augmented with two Sleeper Class Coaches with effect from 17th November, 2019.
8. Train No. 16794 Faizabad – Rameswaram Shraddha Sethu Express will be permanently augmented with two Sleeper Class Coaches with effect from 20th November, 2019.

SER/South Eastern
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Trains:  Howrah - Digha SUPER AC Express/12847   Digha - Howrah SUPER AC Express/12848   Azad Hind Express/12130   Coromandel Express/12841   Coromandel Express/12842   East Coast Express/18645   East Coast Express/18646   Gitanjali Express/12860   Kriya Yoga (Ranchi Hatia) Express/18615   Tiruchchirappalli - Howrah SF Express/12664   Purulia - Howrah SF Express/12828   Ahmedabad - Howrah SF Express/12833   Mumbai LTT - Shalimar Kurla Express/18029   Howrah - Mumbai CSMT Mail (Via Nagpur)/12810   Koraput (Samaleshwari) Express/18005   Howrah - Tiruchchirappalli SF Express/12663   Howrah - Bhubaneswar Jan Shatabdi Express/12073   Bhubaneswar - Howrah Jan Shatabdi Express/12074   Jnaneswari Super Deluxe Express/12102   Howrah - Puri SF Express/12837   Howrah - Purulia SF Express/12827   Shalimar - Mumbai LTT Kurla Express/18030   Sri Jagannath Express/18409   Tata Steel Express/12813   Tata Steel Express/12814   Howrah - Yesvantpur SF Express/12863   Rani Shiromoni Fast Passenger/58016   Bagha Jatin Fast Passenger/58003   Bagha Jatin Fast Passenger/58004   Rani Shiromoni Fast Passenger/58015   Tamralipta Express/12858   Kandari Express/22897   Howrah - Ranchi Intercity Express (via Adra)/18627   Ranchi - Howrah Intercity Express (via Adra)/18628   Howrah - Puri Shatabdi Express/12277   Puri - Howrah Shatabdi Express/12278   Santragachi - Tirupati Weekly SF Express/22855   Santragachi - Porbandar Kavi Guru SF Express/12950   Shalimar - Udaipur City Express/19659   Udaipur City - Shalimar Express/19660  
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26thJuly, 2019:

In view of launching of Second Foot Over Bridge at Santragachi Station of Howrah-Kharagpur Section of Kharagpur Division of S E Railway, a 10 hours Traffic-cum-Power Block will be undertaken o­n 28.07.19 (Sunday) from 11.15 hours to 21.15 hours. During this period no train will move over Up line and Middle Line. o­nly Down line will be free for the movement of trains. As a result, the following trains will be cancelled, diverted, short originated/terminated and rescheduled.
of Trains:
·12847/12848 Howrah-Digha-Howrah Super AC Express o­n 28.07.19
·12858 Digha-Howrah TamraliptaExpress o­n 28.07.19.
·22897 Howrah-Digha Kandari Express o­n 28.7.2019
·12074/12073 Bhubaneswar-Howrah-Bhubaneswar Jan Shatabdi Express on 28.07.19
·18646 Hyderabad-Howrah East Coast Express o­n 27.07.19
·18645 Howrah-Hyderabad East Coast Express o­n 28.07.19
·12814/12813 Tatanagar-Howrah-Tatanagar Steel Express o­n 28.07.19
·12278/12277 Puri-Howrah-Puri Shatabdi Express o­n 28.07.19
·12664 Tiruchchirapalli-HowrahExpress o­n 26.07.19
·12663 Howrah -TiruchchirapalliExpress o­n 28.07.19
·12842 MGR Chennai Central-Howrah Coromandal Express o­n 27.07.19
·12841 Howrah - MGR Chennai Central Coromandal Express o­n 28.07.19
·18627/18628 Howrah-Ranchi-Howrah Express o­n 28.07.19
·19660 Udaipur -Shalimar Express o­n 26.07.19
·19659 Shalimar-Udaipur Express on 28.07.19
·58015/58016 Howrah-Adra-Howrah Passenger o­n 28.07.19

Short termination/short origination of Trains:
·12828/12827 Purulia-Howrah-Purulia Express will short terminate at Kharagpur and will short originate from Kharagpur, cancelling service between Kharagpur-Howrah-Kharagpur o­n 28.07.2019.
·18029 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus – Shalimar Express leaving Lokmanya Tilak Terminus o­n 26.07.2019 will short terminate at Tatanagar & 18030 Shalimar-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express will short originate from Tatangar o­n 28.7.2019, cancelling service between Tatanagar-Shalimar-Tatanagar o­n 28.07.2019.
·58004/58003 Bhadrak-Howrah-Bhadrak Passenger will short terminate at Kharagpur and will short originate from Kharagpur o­n 28.07.2019 cancelling service between Kharagpur-Howrah-Kharagpur o­n 28.7.2019

Rescheduling (UP trains):
·12860 Howrah-Mumbai CSMT Gitanjali Express will leave Howrah at 21.05 hours instead of 13.40 hours o­n 28/7/2019
·18409 Howrah-Puri Sri Jagannath Express will leave Howrah at 21.30 hours instead of 19.00 hours o­n 28/7/2019
·12810 Howrah-Mumbai CSMT Mail will leave Howrah at 22.50 hours instead of 20.00 hours o­n 28/7/2019
·12863 Howrah-Yesvantpur Express will leave Howrah at 23.05 hours instead of 20.35 hours o­n 28/7/2019
·18005 Howrah-Jagdalpur Express will leave Howrah at 01.30 hours o­n 29/7/2019 instead of 21.30hours o­n 28/7/2019
·12130 Howrah-Pune Azad Hind Express will leave Howrah at 00.15 hours o­n 29/7/2019 instead of 21.45 hours o­n 28/7/2019
·18615 Howrah-Hatia Kriya Yoga Express will leave Howrah at 01.45 hours o­n 29/7/2019 instead of 22.10 hours o­n 28/7/2019
·12837 Howrah-Puri Express will leave Howrah at 00.45 hours o­n 29/7/2019 instead of 22.30 hours o­n 28/7/2019
·12102 Howrah-LTT Jnaneswari Express will leave Howrah at 01.15 hours o­n 29/7/2019 instead of 22.50 hours o­n 28/7/2019
·22855 Santragachi-Tirupati Express will leave Santragachi at 22.10 hours instead of 15.45 hours o­n 28/7/2019
·12950 Santragachi-Porbandar Kavi Guru Express will leave Santragachi at 22.45 hours instead of 21.25 hours o­n 28/7/2019
Rescheduling (DN trains):
·12833 Ahmedabad-Howrah Express will leave Ahmedabad at 04.15 hours instead of 00.15 hours o­n 27/07/2019
·12859 Mumbai CSMT-Howrah Gitanjali Express will leave Mumbai CSMT at 12.00 hours instead of 06.00 hours o­n 27/07/2019
·12704 Secunderabad-Howrah Falaknuma Express will leave Secuenderabad at 18.55 hours instead of 15.55 hours o­n 27/07/2019
·12822 Puri- Howrah Dhauli Express will leave Puri at 13.35 hours instead of 11.35 hours o­n 28/07/2019
Diversion :
·12504 Agartala-Bengaluru Cantt. Humsafar Express of 27.07.19 will be diverted via Bhattanagar- Andul-Kharagpur
·22512 Kamakhya-Mumbai LTT Karmabhoomi Express of 27.07.19 will be diverted via Bhattanagar- Andul- Kharagpur
Change of Terminal
·58012/58014 Chakradharpur/Bokaro Steel City-Adra-Howrah Passenger of 27.07.19 will be terminated at Shalimar instead of Howrah.
·58011/58013 Howrah-Adra-Bokaro Steel City/Chakradharpur Passenger of 28.07.19 will originate from Shalimar instead of Howrah.
Cancellation/Short Termination/Short Origination of EMU Locals o­n 28.07.19 (Sunday)

1.30 No. of EMU Locals originating from Howrah towards Kharagpur, Panskura, Mecheda, Uluberia, Amta, Balichak and Midnapur will remain cancelled o­n Sunday (28/7/2019). Similar number of EMU locals from Kharagpur, Panskura, Mecheda, Uluberia, Amta, Balichak, Bagnan, Santragachi and Midnapur towards Howrah area will remain cancelled.
2.11 EMU Locals originating from Midnapur, Haldia, Kharagpur and Panskura will be short terminated at Andul and will run back as EMU specials from Andul towards various suburban stations viz. Midnapur, Haldia, Kharagpur and Panskura. Hence, there will be no services of these EMU locals between Andul-Howrah-Andul.
Kolkata: Several express trains and 30 EMU locals of South Eastern Railway will remain cancelled on July 28 for erecting a foot overbridge at Santragachi station, an official said here on Thursday.Two persons died and 17 others were injured in a stampede in October 2018 on a foot overbridge at Santragachi station, prompting the railways to order installation of a new one.There will be no train movement in the up and middle lines through Santragachi for 10 hours from 11.15 am to 9.15 pm on July 28, the official said.Among the trains that will be cancelled are 12842 Chennai-Howrah Coromandal Express which will leave the southern city on July 27 and the 12841 Howrah-Chennai Coromandal Express on July 28.The 12664 Tiruchchirapalli-Howrah Express will remain cancelled on July 26, while the 12663 Howrah-Tiruchchirapalli Express will not run on July 28, the official said.The 18646 Hyderabad-Howrah East Coast Express of July 27 and 18645...
Howrah-Hyderabad East Coast Express of July 28 will also remain cancelled.The 12814/12813 Tatanagar-Howrah-Tatanagar Steel Express, 12278/12277 Puri-Howrah-Puri Shatabdi Express, 18627/18628 Howrah-Ranchi-Howrah Express and 58015/58016 Howrah-Adra-Howrah Passenger will remain cancelled on July 28.Several other express trains will be short-terminated or have been rescheduled, the official said.SER also cancelled 30 EMU locals to and from Howrah station, while 11 local trains will run from Andul to Midnapur, Kharagpur, Panskura and Haldia stations, he said.Get Breaking news, live coverage, and
Jul 03 2019 (11:39) दस घंटे बंद रहेगा हावड़ा-खड़गपुर रेल मार्ग (
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SER/South Eastern

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Station Tag: Howrah Junction/HWH added by 12649⭐️ KSK ⭐️12650^~/1203948
Trains:  Howrah - Digha SUPER AC Express/12847   Digha - Howrah SUPER AC Express/12848   Tiruchchirappalli - Howrah SF Express/12664   Howrah - Tiruchchirappalli SF Express/12663   Rani Shiromoni Fast Passenger/58016   Puri - Santragachi Passenger/58002   Howrah - Puri Passenger/58001   Rani Shiromoni Fast Passenger/58015   Kandari Express/22897   Kandari Express/22898   Howrah - Ranchi Intercity Express (via Adra)/18627   Ranchi - Howrah Intercity Express (via Adra)/18628   Panskura - Howrah Local/38402   Howrah - Panskura Local/38405   Howrah - Panskura Local/38411   Howrah - Kharagpur MEMU/38701   Kharagpur - Howrah Local/38704   Howrah - Midnapore Fast Local/38801   Howrah - Kharagpur Local/38703   Howrah - Midnapore Local/38803   Howrah - Kharagpur Local/38705   Howrah - Midnapore Local/38805   Howrah - Haldia Local/38051   Mecheda - Howrah Local/38302   Mecheda - Howrah Local/38308   Kharagpur - Howrah Local/38702   Midnapore - Howrah Local/38804   Midnapore - Howrah Local/38830   Shalimar - Mecheda Local/38305   Kharagpur - Howrah Local/38706   Howrah - Panskura Local/38455   Midnapore - Howrah Local/38802   Panskura - Howrah Local/38408   Santragachi - Mecheda - Digha Local/38301   Howrah - Uluberia Local/38105   Mecheda - Howrah Local/38306   Mecheda - Howrah Local/38304   Howrah - Mecheda Local/38303   Howrah - Mecheda Local/38321   Howrah - Kharagpur Local/38725  
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-दपूरे के उलूबेरिया में लेवल क्रासिंग पर चलेगा रोड ओवर ब्रिज का कार्य
-12 मेल/एक्सप्रेस और 32 लोकल ट्रेनें रहेंगी रद, 5 ट्रेनों को होगा मार्ग परिवर्तित
जागरण संवाददाता, कोलकाता : दक्षिण पूर्व रेलवे के हावड़ा-खड़गपुर सेक्शन में उलूबेरिया स्टेशन के पास लेवल क्रासिंग 28 पर निर्माणाधीन रोड ओवर ब्रिज के दस मीटर के हिस्से को जोड़ने का काम चलेगा। इसके लिए 6 जुलाई की रात 10.30 बजे से 7 जुलाई सुबह 8.30 बजे तक (10 घंटे) ट्रैफिक एवं पावर ब्लाक रहेगा। इसके चलते 12 मेल/एक्सप्रेस और 32 लोकल
ट्रेनों को रद रखा जाएगा। ट्रेनों को उक्त ब्रिज का निर्माण राज्य सरकार के लोक निर्माण विभाग और रेलवे द्वारा किया जा रहा है। विज्ञप्ति के अनुसार कार्य के चलते 5 जुलाई को 12664 तिरुचिरापल्ली-हावड़ा एक्सप्रेस, 6 जुलाई को 18628 राची-हावड़ा एक्सप्रेस तथा 58002 पुरी-सांतरागाछी पैसेंजर, 7 जुलाई को 18627 हावड़ा-राची एक्सप्रेस,12847/12848 हावड़ा-दीघा-हावड़ा सुपर एसी एक्सप्रेस, 12663 हावड़ा-तिरुचिरापल्ली एक्सप्रेस, 22897/22898 हावड़ा-दीघा-हावड़ा कंडारी एक्सप्रेस, 58001 हावड़ा-पुरी पैसेंजर तथा 58015/58016 हावड़ा-आद्रा-हावड़ा पेसेंजर रद रहेंगी। इसके अलावा 6 जुलाई को 38455 हावड़ा-पांसकुड़ा लोकल, 38321 हावड़ा-मेचेदा, 38725 हावड़ा-खड़गपुर तथा 38830 मेदिनीपुर-हावड़ा लोकल को रद रखा जाएगा। जबकि 7 जुलाई को 38801 हावड़ा-मेदिनीपुर लोकल, 38701 हावड़ा-खड़गपुर,38703 हावड़ा-खड़गपुर, 38803 हावड़ा-मेदिनीपुर, 38705 हावड़ा-खड़गपुर, 38805 हावड़ा-मेदिनीपुर, 38301 सांतरागाछी-मेचेदा, 38051 पांसकुड़ा-हल्दिया-हावड़ा, 38405 हावड़ा-पांसकुड़ा, 38303 हावड़ा-मेचेदा, 38411 हावड़ा-पांसकुड़ा, 38105 हावड़ा -उलूबेरिया,38305 शालीमार-मेचेदा, 38302 मेचेदा-हावड़ा,
38402 पांसकुड़ा-हावड़ा, 38304 मेचेदा-हावड़ा, 38702 खड़गपुर-हावड़ा, 38306 मेचेदा-हावड़ा, 38408 पांसकुड़ा-हावड़ा, 38704 खड़गपुर-हावड़ा, 38802 मेदिनीपुर-हावड़ा, 38308 मेचेदा-हावड़ा, 38804 मेदिनीपुर-हावड़ा, 38706 खड़गपुर-हावड़ा, 38414 पांसकुड़ा-हावड़ा, 38310 मेचेदा-हावड़ा, 38202 बागनान-हावड़ा तथा 38106 उलूबेरिया-हावड़ा लोकल भी रद रहेंगी। इसके अलावा 58012 चक्रधरपुर-आद्रा-हावड़ा पैसेंजर, 12828/12827 पुरुलिया-हावड़ा-पुरुलिया एक्सप्रेस तथा 58004/58003 भद्रक-हावड़ा पैसेंजर की सेवा को बीच रास्ते समाप्त कर दिया जाएगा। कार्य अवधि के दौरान पांच ट्रेनों के मार्ग में परिवर्तन किया जाएगा जिसके तहत 22502 न्यू तिनसुकिया-केएसआर बेंगलुरु एक्सप्रेस को आसनसोल-आद्रा-मेदिनीपुर-खड़गपुर, 22202 पुरी-सियालदाह दुरंतो एक्सप्रेस को हिजली-मेदिनीपुर-आद्रा-आसनसोल, 12101 एलटीटी-हावड़ा ज्ञानेश्वरी एक्सप्रेस तथा 12129 पुणे-हावड़ा आजाद हिंद एक्सप्रेस को टाटानगर-चाडिल्ली-जयचंदपहाड़-आसनसोल, 15643 पुरी-कामाख्या एक्सप्रेस को वाया खड़गपुर-मेदिनीपुर-आसनसोल के रास्ते चलाया जाएगा। 6 ट्रेनों को बीच रास्ते कुछ समय के लिए रोका जाएगा। जबकि 12 ट्रेनों को रीशेड्यूल किया जाएगा।
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