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1. tickets avaibility average is acceptable since punctuality is very good.
2. cleaning staffs ., virtually ''force tippings'' which is bad .
3. in sleeper class toilets are not very clean and water supply is '' bad ''.
4. this premium train '' has rack sharing with hwh-mas-hwh mail too'' thus racks be improved to l.h.b. may be in phases i.e. 1st sleepers then a.c. coaches
Boarded 12801 on 30th sept FROM -PRR to -NDLS my coach S-5 57 this is my most worst journey I ever had in my entire life , after boarding from Prr train is packed I have to fight for my own berth although BERTH, CHARGING,SPEED was good sleeper were packed between GAYA TO ALD arrived MGS-7mins before arrived ALD-59mins late arrived CNB-92mins late overtaken by Prayagraj and Shram shakti between ajaibpur and ghaziabad arrived GZB-110mins late arrived NDLS-118mins late PF-11 toilet is not clean flush were not working properly the water basine beside the gate were broken no water from ALD no one came for cleaning the coach in the journey the entire train S-1 TO S-12 , B1-B4,A1 were not clean although train running is good but train is not hygienic
Do not rely on Aquaguards fixed inside coaches of this train, they seldom work. Found only 2 Aquaguards working in whole train, even if you tweet the same to RailMinIndia still it won't be rectified, they just forward it to IR Mechanical Dept, ultimately no one bothers for it, so my advice carry your own water for drinking purposes.
Toilets remain clean & water also is available.
(Images attached for reference)

3 posts - Fri Apr 21, 2017

सुधीवाएँ न दो तो दिक्कत और दो तो और दिक्कत!
क्या होगा मेरे देश का?
Passengers Khud bol rahe the Government Apna kaam sahi kar rahi hai but Public usko pata nhi Kyu samaj nhi paarahi.
guwahati (kamakhya)- ltt karmabhoomi express ka bhi yehi haal hua tha.passenger na milne par baad me usme sleeper aur 2a, 3a jodna pada tha.
Hey bhagwan _/\_
1A also jooki full booked ho jati hai
Shayad HA coach hai usme
Neat and clean AC coaches.
OBHS staffs clean regularly.
SL coach is over crowded and dirty.
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