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Travel Tips
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FOOD : Vegetarian food is available in limited quantity , you will get only Upma (for breakfast) , Veg. Biriyani (dinner) , Lunch with panner. All these things are very limited and you should get it at the earliest. Non veg food includes Egg biriyani, Chicken Biriyani, Lunch with Fish, Omlette these things are available in plenty and most of the passengers buy Non veg only.
Water bottle , Tea and Cool drinks vendor comes often and you won't get IRCTC Railneer water bottles, Snacks such as samosa ,aalo bonda available.
If board from HWH and want veg food better get it packed from HWH itself , CTC you won't get anything and Never ever think of buying Food @ BBS it is worst to core.
Day 2 breakfast you can get from RJY.
CLEANLINESS: before departure the train is neat and clean , but after 1 hour itself all the wash basin and toilets gets choked however the OBHS staffs will regularly do their Job .
Punctuality: This Train gets priority almost in every section and arrives early or with minimal delay.
CROWD: This is the major concern each and every SL coach will carry at least 120 Passengers and they will sleep every where on the floor. Don't get down from the tain if the halt is less than 10 mins because the people sitting/standing on the door will not let you to board the train.They will also lock all the doors and sleep there so Be careful if you are boarding from intermediate station especially during night time.
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