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Do you want a seat on leftside I.e., on track side???
Enter train at BBQ/BASIN BRIDGE Jn as it is came as 66022. Then take your desired seat and enjoy the trip upto your destination.
Charging points are available near side berth also in 3rd AC coaches.
I have traveled from BCT to IND on 11 Jan 2016. Charging port was available on side berth - coach no : B5 . But while coming back, same was not available - coach no : B4
Journey in this Train from ASR to NDLS is quite good.
However, when you have to leave this train at NDLS you will face a group of unreserved people. They make this train's CC class like unreserved coach. They create problem for you while you try to leave this train. This was my experience..
My suggestion is for you while traveling in this train don not travel in CC class make your booking for SL class only
Try to avoid this train during season time towards Shalimar.Its a horrible train to travel during festive time in W.Bengal as the sleeper coach will be flooded with RAC ticket holders occupying seats of reserved passengers.Traveled to Bhubaneswar during Saraswati puja time in Bengal.Almost all Sleeper coaches in the entire train was packed with RAC ticket holders and their heavy luggage.In addition to sharing reserved seats & berths there were passengers sleeping and sitting in the floor blocking the doors and toilet.The recycled air in the coaches of the crowded train was suffocating.Never ever travel with family in the sleeper class of this train due security and comfort reasons.

no Daily train to Kerala is the main cause.
22207/8 - Termed as AC Superfast
This uses the dumped old AC coaches from Express / Superfast and duronto trains, coaches are not well maintained.
Dynamic Pricing as Rajdhani but the rakes are comparatively poor than any ordinary express train.
Speeded down recently. Still runs as AC Superfast - Surprise.
Is this train runs just for a namesake?
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