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This station doesn't resemble like a state capital's railhead.
If you plan to have your dinner at BBS enroute rather than the pantry, it would be a blunder when your train arrives anywhere except PF-1.
Totally pathetic cleanliness of the food kiosk and rubbish food are served by the vendors.
PF-1 on the other hand is maintained very well and all amenities are present over here.
UBER parking is available at Howrah. This is especially helpful because when this was not present, the Uber cabs used to park at private car parking where you had to pay additional 60 for parking charges. However because of this, you need only pay the fare. There is also a kiosk here where you can book a cab for yourself if you are unable to do it yourself. The UBER parking is located in between the new and the old terminus. If you exit from the old terminus, cross the road and keep heading right and you shall see it. If you exit from the new terminus, cross the road and keep heading left.
EDIT: Also, when you book a cab at Howrah, they will pick up from UBER parking and so it will be an easy and hassle free pickup

On An Additional Note, If You Are Booking Ola, You Will Have To Board The Cab From The Parking. Hence, An Addional INR 71/- Would Be Added To Your Bill. Make Sure You Don't Pay Cash To Chauffer, Since It Gets Debited From Your Ola Money As A Part Of "Fare". Yes...Try To Book Uber Since They Have Their Own Parking. Ola Doesnt Bother To Have Their Own Parking Since They Are Part Of This Organized Loot At HWH
OLA is a real looter. Looting through surge prices and abnormal fare. Once fare from Belur to Howrah Railway Station was shown as Rs. 600(normal fare is about 150) in the app. Plus, I think Uber availability is better in Howrah.
Even I Have Seen That Uber Is Cheaper Than Ola. Ola Is Looting More In Those Cities Where UBER Doesn't Exist
Yes. They also do it illogically. Even when there are about 5-6 cabs in the area, they still charge surge price. Absolute nonsense
Just beside the Upper Class Waiting room is the food plaza. Here you can get all sorts of foods and also desserts from Mio Amore. All are packed neatly and sealed. However, the rates are dubious(Chicken Biriyani @150?)
First Class and Second Class waiting rooms are available in Platform 1. Separate waiting rooms for women are also available. The First class waiting room is clean and is also cleaned regularly by the staff. Facilities like water filter, LED display board is available and so you can safely wait here for you train.
In coach S7, No charging points in between berths.

He mean to say that no charging points on berth. May be available near gate.
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