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once i traveled in this train....speed was excellent...reached TEN before actual time around 7 45....
i remember Ananthapuri Exp being overtaked some where before TPJ....i dont think it was regular overtake....when Nellai exp departing TPJ Ananthapuri slowly entered into station..
Departure on Feb 02 2015 from MS was about to reach TEN at 07.00AM . Exactly an hour ahead of its schedule to TEN - Normal Arrival time in TEN is 08.00AM , but it was about to reach TEN by 07.00AM . Since there was no PF availablity in TEN it was halted in TAY(5 kms from TEN) for 30 Min . Time taken from MDU-TAY is 2 Hours . Wowwwwwwwww Nellai . U beauty . Kudoos to traffic controllers , LP's and Guard .

So THALAIYUTHU STATION may have an official stoppages for this expresses at-least one minute for the benefit of the people surrounding.
24370 Triveni covers MZP TO SKTN 215 km in 9hrs with 1 to 3 hrs delay is normal (23 kmph avg speed if RT ). This train a BLOTCH on face of IR who is dreaming for Bullet trains not upgrading current infra .
The worst train in matter of punctuality. 5-8 hours delay is usual thing of this train no matter whatever the season is. Avoid it as much as you can
Overall analysis:
Cleanliness: Despite old coaches , 12636 is very neatly maintained by MDU division. But in 12635 cleanliness may get a little bit down as it is 4th run without PM for the rake. But still 12635 is also better than many trains in cleanliness.
Punctuality: Mostly OT or BT. Sometimes may get a little delayed especially between TPJ-MS.
Food: Before the train departs itself , the catering starts. On-board catering is excellent both ways. Lot of choices at reasonable costs with nice taste. Tea is sold near TPJ. Manaparai Murukku sold by vendors at DG is a must.
Ticket availability: Tickets are easily available in 2S class. You can even get in current availabilty. But this does not apply for weekends and season time. AC class is a little not so easy and hence you need to book your tickets in advance.
U/R coach: This gets a little crowded and many of them are end-to-end travellers.
Railfanning: It's a railfan's paradise. Many crossings are visible till TPJ. After that less crossings till MS but a superb-high speed run is there.
Safety: Though no RPF/GRP are there , people are decently behaved but be a little careful of your seats , especially near VRI
Rating 9.5/10.
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