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Train me charging system kharab hai

is it non functional, or does your mobile behave weirdly when plugged in??
if it is the later, then that is normal :P
What is the reason for latter? Voltage issue?
All charging point are working, plz... Don't give wrong info.
110 V output is there at plug, while your chargers are rated usually in 200+ V range.
also, it is inverted output, as the energy generated by alternators is fed to batteries and then inverted back to AC for use. this leads to intro of numerous harmonics, which also compounds the problem.
If it's wrong then provide red flag!!
all coaches having charging points but 90% points are not working
Charging Sockets Available in each bay of sleeper coach and working fine as well.
No charging points in S4 coach. Charging points available next to the exit door.
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