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In one of the rakes, charging sockets are not available in S-7 coach. Where as charging sockets - 2 nos. (1 no. at Side Lower Berth & 1 no. in between Lower Berths) at each bay are available in all coaches from S-1 to S-6 coaches.
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The same rake travels as 11303 - Manuguru - SCSMT Kolhapur Express, 11051 - Solapur - SCSMT Kolhapur Express & 11052 - SCSMT Kolhapur - Solapur Express due to rake sharing on different days. So check for availability of charging sockets in S-7 coach of these trains also.
best train from hwh to puri
charging points are available near every berth in sl

5 posts - Fri Feb 02, 2018

22201/2 Duronto one of the best train between Kolkata and Puri
18049 runs everyday+it has a lot of number of coaches
so wl & rac clearing is very good
it also reaches pury very early in the morning
22201 reaches before 18409. Also, I think this train also has the best clearance because most people do not wish to book a ticket with dynamic fare.
Maintenance is Pathetic
Now Time to assign LHB & provide the punctuality/priority
No charging point except S1 and S2 and Ac coaches. Train runs with heavy delay 5-6 hours

Now Time to assign LHB & provide the punctuality/priority
charging point not available in side lower side in 2ac

Now Time to assign LHB & provide the punctuality/priority
all coaches having charging points but 90% points are not working

Now Time to assign LHB to all Old is Gold Trains & provide the punctuality/priority
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