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Once upon a time a star train known for its pantry, now in shambles.
Travelled from RN to MAO yesterday and the catering staff's behaviour was shocking. One of them was sleeping on a vacant berth in D2 with his tray full of samosas and a container of sauce sitting at the corner of the berth below his feet next to the aisle exposed to dirt, grime and other forms of adulteration from passing by passengers. He slept for a good 75 minutes or so while the tray kept getting contaminated. This left me stunned. The tea vendor made it a point to serve only half a cup of tea for Rs.10/- and this happened twice. Didn't question him since the tea was tasteless and I wasn't bothered anyway. The guy selling Dabeli was apparently addicted to spitting into the vestibule whenever he passed by, oblivious of the tray of dabelis that he held against his abdomen being exposed to what was being spat out of his mouth. This was absolutely disgusting!
Only saving grace was the Masala Dosa which I bought for Rs.25/-. That tasted okayish and was well covered with a piece of aluminium foil, thereby reducing the chances of contamination due to the vendors' lackluster attitude. Wanted to try out a lot of things from the menu but seeing all this made me back out.
Hope the caterers try and salvage their lost glory soon. Else this train is going to be like any other of its kind on the Indian Railways network.

What the hell?
Mandovi's pantry in this ugly state?Is the caterer changed?
No. Same caterer.
This train gives you probably best dine-in experience in the whole of IR. If are a foodie or even if you love travel, this is the train for you. You absolutely MUST travel on this train to get a first hand experience. This is all possible because this train has a 'dining car', unlike the regular pantry car in most of the trains on IR. You can satisfy your taste buds by eating numerous things from the menu. Veg cutlet, baked beans, chicken cutlets, cheese toast, omelette sandwich; just name a thing and you get it hot and fresh.

5 posts - Sat Mar 17, 2018

No its not in this train... they are in their coach only... their special MST coach.
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Mar 18 2018 (06:09)
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No MST passengers have 2 GS and 2 CC coaches for their travels and usually don’t create any unwanted crowd like in as you said Flying Ranee. But on weekends, the other unreserved pax may be an issue in coaches. The dinning car is like organised chaos in 12124, while in 12123 there’s no such problem because very few people go there in the evening run! So if you really want to enjoy the experience, I’d suggest you go in 12123
And when I used this train on 14/2/18 from Pune to Csmt, TTE was also pretty strict. He was asking all the MST passengers ( though very less were sitting on other's seat) to vacate the seat and asked passengers with valid tickets to take their seats. I was in D3. A pretty comfortable journey along with the delicious breakfast of cutlet and bread. Even if one is not able to go to dining car, still he can hav those lip smacking cutlets on his seat along with scenic bhor ghats. A great train with great food.
Yeah the train is highly prestigious and has only very less halts, so people going to suburbs of Mumbai and Pune prefer other trains, thereby reducing the unreserved passengers already, plus the TTEs are quite strict too.
Also I’d like to share another tip too, if you want to enjoy the ride with frequent trips to dinning car, book in D3 in case you’re traveling second seating and in C4, if you’re traveling in AC CC.
I did get D3, but didn't want to leave the luggage unattended, so didn't went to DC. But did have the yummy veg breakfast on my seat. Yes, if without /less luggage then definitely D3/C4 are the coaches to look out for. Get settled and few moments after the train departs from Pune, just go to the DC and enjoy.
Pantry Car is absent on this train as of now. As per my personal experience, the Food Order for Dinner is loaded from Asansol Junction. After that, it's straight away loaded from Mughalsarai Junction. So kindly carry Home Cooked Food in good quantity as a good back-up.
FOOD : This train really deserves "The Food King" tag. Wide variety of dishes right from Sheera-Upama to Chi. Lollipop are available which are freshly prepared. Food price is slightly costlier but it is OK as you get outstanding food quality. MUST TRY DISHES : Onion Uttappa, Methi Kabab and for Non-Veg lovers Chi. Biryani and Chi. Lollipop are good enough. You even get fresh fruits.
BEST TIME TO TRAVEL : June - September for Monsoons Scenery as this train covers the Konkan belt in daylight and April/May for Alphonso Mangoes & other tourist places to visit throughout Konkan region.
WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS TRAIN ? : Those who are on vacation and have a lot of time to spend on train journey as this train generally reaches late by 1.5-3 hours at its destination stations. So if you are in a hurry/work/frequent traveler, you can avoid this train. In Ganpati/Diwali/April-May seasons, this train is packed.
IN WHICH COACH TO BOOK TICKETS ? : All the ICF Rakes used for this train are now quite old and a bit dirty as the rake is immediately changed from KonkanKanya(Up) to Mandovi(Down) although cleaning is done. You can book AC Lower/Side Lower berth to have a window. You can even take 2S Window seat and can avoid SL coach as anyway in its daytime journey you don't get to sleep. SL coaches are used as 2S where 4 passengers are allotted one lower berth to sit and Upper berths remain unused or used by WL passengers.
In some parts between Mangaon and Khed this train has high speed above 100kmph such that the coaches tend to vibrate a lot. But the train is anyway late.

1 posts - Tue Jan 02, 2018

Ahuja & Care Caterers. This poster and menu card is what I usually see pasted inside the coaches when I board KonkanKanya/Mandovi rakes.
I used to travel very frequently on Konkan Kanya and Mandovi till 4-5 years back. The food was Ahuja Caterers and it was always great. I once got a egg white omellete, something unheard off in other Indian trains
Even the bread I got with omellete was brown bread and was fresh enough.
Their website is impressive. They seem to be headquarterted in Goa but have branches in different places.
I think Konkan Railway is wise and caring enough to scrutinize and hand over food contracts to skilled caterers as of now.
about food and speed.
d.o.j 13 jan
train departed 2 hrs late from ndls at 7 pm. evening tea was served at around 8 pm. the tea was overall good.
dinner was served later but the taste of dal was not good.
to everybody's surprise, at around 2 pm on the next day we were served our lunch which consisted of only rice and dal no curry.
now we dont expect this from a rajdhani train.
train was running late by 9.5 hrs. the days lunch was picked from gaya station.
and aslo the wifi was useless.

Taking About the food..on the same day the foos was : Vide Link : click here
ad regarding the Wi Fi Speed it was around 1 mbps,will share the image soon :)
1A ka video h bhai ye, usme to aacha hi khana milega....
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