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while travelling through this train don't forget to pack your food from home/restaurant as in the whole journey large no. of stops , runs as passenger bw bsp -jbp and bpl- indb section. Small stations unhygienic food which is also overpriced. Mostly you would get samosa, aallo bondas and poha (outside stations)
Most of its stoppages have no fooding facility. When train crosses JBP can take dinner from restaurant at pf1 price is ok , quantity and quality average or if can spend more bucks order from irctc/foodpanda when train crosses sihora road.
Though hygiene cannot be guaranteed , taste of few items can be mentioned like :
samosa -( with salted fried chillies) pendra road
aalo bonda shahdol
poha ujjain, dewas
Poori bhajii is available in ktes,jbp,maksi but is average in test some hard and more oily
Best Train to travel between Pune Nagpur Pune.
IRCTC Vendors Will Come to your coach for food order , just order them no need to worry about food taste , food gets loaded from Wardha. i had opted Veg Meal. 3 roti , Mutter Paneer , Dal Rice , Pickle , Sweet [Gulab jamun]. taste was good no complaints for food.
Dont go for tea coffee in this train , its just a water and sugar. Next in the morning it reaches Daund always BT here u will get awesome Elichi tea , For breakfast u will get Dosa , Idali , Garam Vadapaav , sandwich by Platform vendors. taste is good.
Traveling towards Hyderabad, you get good food at Gulbarga station (steaming hot idlis) and also at Wadi. Don't bother buying from the hawkers who board before that. They usually serve cold or stale food.
While traveling from Hyderabad to Bombay, the train caterers usually serve hot pav-bhaji. They start with the AC compartments first then reach the 3-tier sleeper coaches.
Snacks and water bottle served as soon as you board the train on HW station
Soup and bread sticks are served at Roorkee
Dinner served at SRE

how was the quality?
Not very good and not bad
Dinner served too early i think.. They should serve it after tapri
It was around 20:30
So if it's on time then tapri to cross ho jayega shayad
(Egg curry thali )- Rs 130 . Good taste but little oily.
Veg thali - 110 Rs . same content instead of egg curry there was matar paneer .
Food order taken between damoh and sagour and food provided at jhansi .

Their is no pantry in this train you ordered from outside vendors??
Yes outside vendor , This was done in inaugural run .
Which caters??
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