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NVS/Navsari (3 PFs)
નવસારી     नवसारी

Track: Double Electric-Line

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Tower Rd, Navsari
State: Gujarat

Zone: WR/Western   Division: Mumbai

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Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 3
Number of Halting Trains: 145
Number of Originating Trains: 0
Number of Terminating Trains: 0
Rating: 3.1/5 (84 votes)
cleanliness - good (11)
porters/escalators - average (9)
food - average (11)
transportation - average (10)
lodging - good (10)
railfanning - good (11)
sightseeing - average (11)
safety - good (11)
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Station News

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Jun 04 (07:28) Billimora-Vaghai heritage train makes trial run with vista dome coach (
IR Affairs

News Entry# 454586  Blog Entry# 4976699   
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Jun 04 2021 (07:28)
Station Tag: Navsari/NVS added by Adittyaa Sharma/1421836

Jun 04 2021 (07:28)
Station Tag: Bilimora Junction/BIM added by Adittyaa Sharma/1421836
Stations:  Navsari/NVS   Bilimora Junction/BIM  
The 107-year-old narrow gauge heritage train service between Billimora in Navsari and Vaghai in Dangs of South Gujarat that was scrapped by the Western Railway in December 2020 — a decision that was revoked later — made its first trial run with an added fully air-conditionied vista dome coach on Wednesday evening.
On December 10, 2020, the Railway Ministry approved the proposal to scrap services of 11 “uneconomic branch lines” and narrow gauge sections of the Western Railway, including three from Gujarat. These included the Billimora-Vaghai train, which was started by the Gaekwad dynasty of princely state of Baroda in 1913.
residents and elected representatives of both Congress and the ruling BJP made representations to the Western Railway, and sent memorandum to the Union Railway minister, to withdraw the decision to stop the services of the heritage train as tribal people from the area were dependent on the service where there was no road connectivity.
The local representatives, including Dangs BJP MLA Vijay Patel and Vansda Congress MLA Anant Patel, also suggested using the heritage train to attract tourists on the picteresque route. The Railway ministry worked on the proposal and decided to resume services of the Billimora-Vaghai heritage train by adding a vista dome coach.
On Wednesday, a team comprising Western Railway Additional divisional Railway manager Sanjay Sharma, Senior Divisional Operating Manager Sanjay Neelam, Senior divisional engineer Kailash Meena and divisional mechanical engineer PU Upadhyay took the trial ride with railway officials of Valsad and Vaghai.
Sources in Western Railway said that the heritage train service would resume once the Covid situation eases. The tourist coach will be added only on Saturdays and Sundays. After seeing the footfall and revenue, more such coaches would be added, they said.
There will be two services of the heritage train on the 65-kilometre route between Billimora and Vaghai with 10 stations daily. One journey would take three hours and 35 minutes.
Talking to the Indian Express Vaghai Railway station station master Sachin Davli said, “The trial run with the new tourist vista dome coach of the diesel-engine-run heritage train was successful. At present it is difficult to say when the service will start as Covid situation has to improve.”
Adding that the fare for the tourist coach is yet to be deccided, he said the fare for general coach was Rs 20. “The tourist coach has 22 seats and will have cafeteria services. It also has western toilets and wash rooms,” he added.
Local resident Bipin Rajput said, “We are happy that the tourist coach has been added to the heritage train that had four general coaches. The trial run was great. This train is the only mode for tribals to commute as there is no road connectivity in the area. We hope the Gujarat state tourism department joins hands with the railway authorities to promote the heritage train.”
Senior Divisional Operating manager Sanjay Neelam said, “We took the trial run on the heritage train. The comfort was similar to Rajdhani… We also examined the tracks and checked all safety aspects.”
पश्चिम रेलवे ने 3 विशेष ट्रेनों के फेरे बढ़ा दिए हैं। 02645/02646 इंदौर-कोचुवेली (साप्ताहिक) सुपरफास्ट के 26 फेरे बढ़े हैं। ट्रेन संख्या 02645 के फेरों को 5 अप्रैल से 28 जून तक, जबकि ट्रेन संख्या 02646 के फेरों को 3 अप्रैल से 26 जून तक बढ़ाया गया है।
06337 ओखा-एर्नाकुलम ट्रेन के फेरों को 5 अप्रैल से 3 जुलाई तक बढ़ाया गया है, जबकि ट्रेन नंबर 06338 एर्नाकुलम-ओखा ट्रेन के फेरों को 2 अप्रैल से 30 जून तक बढ़ा दिया गया है। 06734 ओखा-रामेश्वरम ट्रेन के फेरों को 6 अप्रैल से 29 जून तक बढ़ाया गया है, जबकि 06733 रामेश्वरम-ओखा के फेरों को 2 अप्रैल से 25 जून तक बढ़ाया गया है।
ने 02946 ओखा-मुंबई सेंट्रल सुपरफास्ट को 18 मार्च से नवसारी स्टेशन पर अतिरिक्त ठहराव देने का निर्णय लिया है। यह ट्रेन रात 12.41 बजे नवसारी स्टेशन पहुंचेगी और रात 12.43 बजे प्रस्थान करेगी। वलसाड, वापी और पालघर में भी इस ट्रेन के समय में परिवर्तन होगा। यह ट्रेन वलसाड स्टेशन पर देर रात 1.20 बजे पहुंचेगी और देर रात 1.25 बजे प्रस्थान करेगी। वापी स्टेशन पर रात 1.45 बजे पहुंचेगी और 1.47 बजे प्रस्थान करेगी।
पश्चिम एक्सप्रेस 22 मार्च से बदले समय से सूरत पहुंचेगी
02925 बांद्रा-अमृतसर सुपरफास्ट के समय को बांद्रा और नागदा स्टेशन के बीच 22 मार्च से बदल दिया गया है। पहले बांद्रा टर्मिनस से 12.00 बजे प्रस्थान करने वाली ट्रेन अब सुबह 11.30 बजे प्रस्थान करेगी। इसी के साथ ही इस ट्रेन का अब सूरत में भी आगमन का समय बदला है। यह ट्रेन अब मुंबई से रवाना होकर सूरत शाम 4.15 बजे की बजाय दोपहर 3.47 को पहुंचेगी, जबकि दोपहर 3.52 बजे रवाना होगी।
Mar 17 (06:41) परेशानी:सूरत, उधना सहित 5 स्टेशनों की वाॅटर वेंडिंग मशीनें एक साल से हैं बंद, अब होंगी नीलाम (
Commentary/Human Interest

News Entry# 445371  Blog Entry# 4910007   
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Mar 17 2021 (06:42)
Station Tag: Vapi/VAPI added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739

Mar 17 2021 (06:42)
Station Tag: Navsari/NVS added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739

Mar 17 2021 (06:41)
Station Tag: Udhna Junction (Surat)/UDN added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739

Mar 17 2021 (06:41)
Station Tag: Surat/ST added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739
सूरत, उधना समेत दक्षिण गुजरात के 6 बड़े स्टेशनों पर वाटर वेंडिंग आरो मशीनें एक साल से बंद हैं। इससे यात्रियों को सस्ते दाम पर शुद्ध पानी नहीं मिल पा रहा है। ठेकेदारों ने आईआरसीटीसी को डिपॉजिट फीस नहीं चुकाई है। अब आईआरसीटीसी ने इन मशीनों को नीलाम करने का फैसला लिया है।
सूरत स्टेशन पर सभी 10, उधना में 2, नवसारी में 3, वापी में 3 मशीनें बंद पड़ी हैं। इनके संचालन का ठेका हाईटेक स्वीट वाटर टेक्नोलाॅजी कंपनी को दिया था, लेकिन उसने अब तक डिपाॅजिट आउटस्टैंडिंग फीस नहीं जमा की है। अंतिम चेतावनी दी गई थी फिर भी फीस नहीं दी।
खुद की आरो मशीन लगाएगी | सूरत स्टेशन के सीएमआई आरआर शर्मा ने बताया कि अब मशीनों के नीलाम होने के बाद रेलवे खुद वाटर वेंडिंग मशीन लगाएगी। इसके लिए सर्वे किया जा रहा है। जल्द टेंडरिंग शुरू की जाएगी। वाटर वेंडिंग मशीनों से यात्रियों को 300 एमएल पानी 1 रुपए में, 1 लीटर पानी पांच रुपए में दिया जाता है।
अहमदाबाद से मुंबई जा रही डबल डेकर एसी एक्सप्रेस में सोमवार को एक बड़ा हादसा टल गया। सूरत से रवाना होने के 15 मिनट बाद ही इसके सी-5 कोच के एक्सेल सेक्शन में ब्रेक बाइंडिंग की वजह से आग लग गई। ट्रेन को नवसारी में रोक कर 6 इक्स्टिंगग्विशर की मदद से आग बुझा दी गई। उसके बाद एक्सेल ब्रेक को ठीक किया।
02932 डबल डेकर एसी एक्सप्रेस सुबह लगभग 9 बजे सूरत स्टेशन पहुंची थी। सूरत से ट्रेन रवाना होने के सी 5 कोच के पहिये और ब्रेक के बीच घर्षण होने लगा। ट्रेन के गार्ड को धुएं की स्मेल आई तो । उसने सुबह 9.40 बजे नवसारी स्टेशन पर ट्रेन रुकवा दी। आग लगने से यात्रियों में हड़बड़ी मच गई
थी। काफी यात्री ट्रेन से उतर गए थे। अधिकारियों ने उनसे कहा कि सब ठीक है। उसके बाद यात्री ट्रेन में बैठे। 10.25 पर ट्रेन को रवाना किया गया।
Dec 16 2020 (22:48) Explained: Why Gujarat is seeing protests to save a 107-year-old railway line (
Commentary/Human Interest

News Entry# 428792  Blog Entry# 4814741   
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Dec 16 2020 (22:48)
Station Tag: Waghai/WGI added by Kumaon Tiger/1427404

Dec 16 2020 (22:48)
Station Tag: Bilimora Junction/BIM added by Kumaon Tiger/1427404

Dec 16 2020 (22:48)
Station Tag: Navsari/NVS added by Kumaon Tiger/1427404
The narrow gauge train connecting Billimora in Navsari district with Waghai in Dang district was started by rulers of the Gaekwad dynasty of the princely state of Baroda in 1913.
The Western Railways has decided to scrap 11 narrow gauge routes and branch lines in Gujarat, calling them unviable. One of these is the 107-year-old Billimora-Waghai line, once run by the Gaekwad Baroda State Railway (GBSR), against the closure of which political leaders have started a campaign pitching.
History of the Billimora-Waghai train
narrow gauge train connecting Billimora in Navsari district with Waghai in Dang district was started by rulers of the Gaekwad dynasty of the princely state of Baroda in 1913. This was much before the Western Railway came into existence in 1951 with the merger of the Bombay, Baroda & Central India Railway, the Saurashtra, Rajputana and Jaipur state Railways. At the instance of Gaekwad rulers, the British laid railway tracks and it was operated by Gaekwad Baroda State Railway (GBSR) owned by Sayajirao Gaekwad III. The Gaekwad jurisdiction was spread across parts of Saurashtra, Mehsana in north Gujarat, and Billimora in South Gujarat.
The 63-km Billimora-Waghai and the 19-km Choranda-Moti Karal routes are among those five routes the Indian Railways had proposed to be preserved as “industrial heritage” in 2018. Sources said the Billimora-Waghai train that runs among Gujarat’s most forested routes, was used for the purpose of transportation of sag timber from deep forest areas. For about 24 years the train was run by a steam engine, which was replaced by diesel engine in 1937. After Independence the Western Railway took charge of the train from GBSR. In 1994, the original steam engine was put on the display at Churchgate Heritage Gallery in Mumbai.
Before the pandemic lockdown, the five-coach train made two trips from Billimora to Waghai, covering nine railway stations — Gandevi, Chikhli, Rankuwa, Dholikuwa, Anaval, Unai, Kevdi road, Kala Amba, and Dungarda. The railway tickets were available at Unai, Billimora and Waghai Railway stations and the entire journey costs Rs 15 one way .
What was the railway order
On December 10, Mudit Chandra, executive director (Freight marketing) of the Ministry of Railwaysissued a letter to the General Manager of Western Railways, ordering permanent closure of 11 “uneconomic branch lines and narrow gauge sections” of the Western Railways which had given the proposal of its closure. The lines to be closed are Nadiad-Bhadran, Ankleshwar-Rajpipla, Boriyavi-Vadtal-Swaminarayan, Kosamba-Umarpada, Samlaya Junction-Timba road, Jhagadiya Junction-Netrang, Chhuchhapura-Tankhala, Chhota Udepur-Jambusar, Billimora-Waghai, Choranda-Moti Karal and Chandod-Malsar.
How does it affect the tribals
The train was majorly used by the tribals staying in the interior villages in Dangs district in South Gujarat, which has no road connectivity to reach towns like Gandevi and Billimora for work to sell their agriculture produce. The craftsmen of Dangs district also used this train to sell their products to the shop keepers in these town. So do the students from interior villages to go to colleges in the towns.
Who want to save the train and why
Soon after the announcement to scrap the services, newly BJP elected MLA from Dangs, Vijay Patel, Congress MLA of Vansda in Navsari district Anant Patel and Bipin Rawat, a social worker of Waghai, started a movement to restart the services for tribals. Patel made a written representation to Railway Minister Piyush Goyal where he has said that it was the lifeline for the tribals and should ideally be upgraded and used for tourism. MLA Anant Patel started a relay of protest at each of the railway stations on the route.
Rawat claims there is no health services in the interior villages in Dangs and during medical emergency the patients use this train to reach the towns for medical treatment in government and private hospitals. Even the tribal people, who wanted to go to Surat and Mumbai, use this train to reach Billimora station for further rail connectivity via broad gauge.
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