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Jurisdiction of CRS commissioners

Jun 06 (15:09)
Blog Post# 4336229-1     
12649⭐️ KSK ⭐️12650^~   Added by: 16229🔹MYS🔄BSB Express🔹16230^~  Jun 06 (15:16)
Jurisdiction of commissioners..
Jan 31 2018 (16:36)
Ticket Booking/E-Ticketing

Entry# 2056     
RF Shanku^~
what is vikalp scheme in Railway booking system.

Info Update
May 18 (19:26)
Blog Post# 4320535-0     
16229🔹MYS🔄BSB Express🔹16230^~   Added by: 16229🔹MYS🔄BSB Express🔹16230^~  May 18 (19:27)
Vikalp scheme
IRCTC or Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation provides a special facility that enables users to opt for alternative trains in case their primary tickets do not get confirmed. Called Vikalp, this scheme is available for passengers of all train types and classes, and is applicable for waiting list - or wait-listed - passengers irrespective of booking quota and concession, according to IRCTC's website. Under the Vikalp scheme, a user gets to opt for a maximum of seven alternative trains, according to IRCTC, which is the ticketing arm of the Indian Railways. However, IRCTC noted that Vikalp does not mean that confirmed berth will be provided to passengers in alternate train. It is subject to train and berth availability.
are some other important details about IRCTC's Vikalp scheme:
IRCTC ticket booking: Who can opt for Vikalp scheme
The Vikalp scheme is applicable for those holding train ticket bookings with a “waiting” status. Individuals remaining fully wait-listed after charting are considered for allotment in the alternative trains opted by them.
Wait-listed passengers eligible for transfer to an alternative train under the Vikalp scheme should check their PNR or passenger name record status after charting. In rare situations, passengers accommodated in alternative trains might get dropped or re-allotted due to last minute change at the time of chart preparation. Such passengers should check PNR status also after preparation of charts for final status, according to the IRCTC website.
IRCTC booking: Train timings for alternative trains under Vikalp
Under the IRCTC Vikalp scheme, the transfer to an alternative train - opted by the user - can be for a departure between 30 minutes and 72 hours from the scheduled departure of the original train, according to the Railways arm.
IRCTC booking rules for Vikalp scheme
All passengers booked in a PNR are transferred to an alternative train in the same class, according to IRCTC. That means all passengers with one PNR booking are required to exercise the transfer to an alternative train together. Also, once allotted an alternative train, the passengers are not allowed to board the original train.
Passengers once provided accommodation in an alternative train are treated as normal passengers in that train and are eligible for upgradation as per regular IRCTC rules.
No extra charges are levied from the passenger in case of transfer to an alternative train under the Vikalp facility. A passenger transferred to an alternative train under the Vikalp facility is treated as a "confirmed" passenger, and cancellation rules apply accordingly. Once confirmed in an alternative train, the cancellation charges are applicable as per the berth/train status in alternative train, according to the IRCTC website.
After the allotment of an alternative train to the passengers on a PNR, a claim for a refund - in case the journey is not taken - can be made by filing a TDR (ticket deposit receipt) request.

Info Update
Jan 31 2018 (16:35)
Blog Post# 3057114-0     
RF Shanku^~   Added by: RF Shanku^~  Jan 31 2018 (16:36)
Opting for VIKALP does not mean that confirmed berth will be provided to passengers in alternate train. It is subject to train and berth availability.
Once confirmed in Alternate train, Cancellation charges will be as per your berth/train status in alternate train.
In this scheme, your boarding and terminating station might change to nearby cluster stations.
You can be transferred to any alternate train
opted and departing between 30 minutes to 12 Hours from the scheduled departure of original train, in which you have booked.
Option of VIKALP scheme is available at later stage before charting also through booked ticket history link.
Please check PNR status after charting.
This scheme is implemented for passengers of all train types and classes.
The scheme is applicable to all waiting list passengers irrespective of booking quota and concession.
Under this scheme, passengers will opt max 5 trains for VIKALP scheme.
VIKALP opted passengers who booked in waiting and remain fully Wait listed after charting will only be considered for allotment in the alternate train.
Fully WL passengers opted for VIKALP should check PNR status after charting.
No extra charges shall be taken from passenger or any refund shall be provided for difference of fare.
Either all passengers of a PNR or none will be transferred to alternate train in same class. The passenger can be considered for shifting to a train leaving from any station amongst the cluster of stations defined by Railways based on the convenience of the passengers to a station serving the destination station on the same analogy.
The VIKALP opted passengers who have been provided accommodation in the alternate train will not figure in the wait listed charts of their original train. A separate list of passengers transferred in alternate train will be pasted along with the CONFIRMED and WAITLIST charts.
The passenger allotted alternate accommodation can travel in the alternate train on authority of original ERS/SMS.
Wait listed passengers of original train shall not be allowed to board the original train if allotted alternate accommodation.
Passengers once provided alternate accommodation in alternate train will be treated as normal passengers in alternate train and will be eligible for up gradation.
In rare situations, passengers who have been provided alternate accommodation might get dropped/re-allotted in alternate train due to last minute change in composition of the alternate train at the time of chart preparation. So, passengers who have been provided alternate accommodation should check PNR status also after preparation of charts of the alternate train for final status.
This information will be available on Call Centre (139), PRS Enquiry Counters, Passenger Operated Enquiry Terminals installed at stations and WEB ENQUIRY on
When VIKALP opted passenger opts to cancel, after he has been given an alternate accommodation, he will be treated as a CONFIRMED passenger and the cancellation rules will apply accordingly.
No refund for difference of fare between the original train and the alternate train, including Tatkal charges, will be given to re-allocated passengers.
Once an VIKALP opted passenger has been allotted alternate accommodation, journey modification will not be permitted. If required, the passenger will have to cancel the ticket and book a fresh ticket for modified journey.
When a passenger who has been allotted alternate accommodation has not performed his journey in the alternate train, he can claim for refunds by filing a TDR request.
Train list once selected under VIKALP scheme cannot be changed.
VIKALP Scheme once successfully opted cannot be changed.
May 16 (22:48)
Ticket Booking/E-Ticketing

Entry# 2197     
16229🔹MYS🔄BSB Express🔹16230^~
How to book a train ticket with Google Pay/Google Pay की मदद से टिकट बुकिंग करने का तरीका

★  Info Update
May 16 (22:30)
Blog Post# 4318874-0     
Saurabh®^~   Added by: 16229🔹MYS🔄BSB Express🔹16230^~  May 16 (22:48)
Google Pay की मदद से ऐसे करें ट्रेन टिकट बुक
1) सबसे पहले गूगल पे ऐप को खोलें, इसके बाद बिजनेस सेक्शन में दिख रहे Trains विकल्प पर क्लिक करें।
2) इसके बाद बुक ट्रेन टिकट पर क्लिक कीजिए।
3) इसके बाद किस स्टेशन से यात्रा करनी है और गंतव्य स्थान और तारीख आदि की जानकारी दर्ज करें।
इसके बाद आपके सामने ट्रेन और उनसे जुड़ी जानकारी आ जाएगी, सीट की उपलब्धता के लिए Check availability पर क्लिक कीजिए।
5) इसके बाद जिस भी क्लास में आप सफर करना चाहते हैं उसपर क्लिक कीजिए।
6) अगले स्टेप पर आपको अपने IRCTC अकाउंट की डिटेल डालनी होगी। अगर आपके पास अकाउंट नहीं है तो आपको यहां क्रिएट अकाउंट करने का भी विकल्प मिलेगा।
7) इसके बाद पैसेंजर की जानकारी दर्ज करें।
8) बुकिंग से संबंधित जानकारी कंफर्म करने के बाद Continue पर क्लिक करें।
9) पेमेंट के तरीका का चयन करें और फिर Proceed to continue पर क्लिक करें।
10) इसके बाद अपना यूपीआई पिन डालें।
11) पिन डालने के बाद आपको अपना IRCTC पासवर्ड और कैप्चा कोड डालना होगा।
12) सबमिट बटन पर क्लिक करें और आपकी टिकट बुक हो जाएगी। इसके बाद आपको कंफर्मेशन स्क्रीन भी दिखाई देगी।

May 16 (22:42)
Blog Post# 4318874-4     
16229🔹MYS🔄BSB Express🔹16230^~   Added by: 16229🔹MYS🔄BSB Express🔹16230^~  May 16 (22:48)
How to book a train ticket with Google Pay:
1) Open Google Pay app and tap on "Trains" chat head in "Businesses" section
2) Tap on "New ticket"
3) Search for trains by origin, destination, and date for travel and it will show a list of trains
Find the train that you want to book a ticket for and then tap on "Check availability"
5) Find the class you want to travel in and then tap "Select"
6) Confirm the stations are correct and then tap "OK"
7) You will now be asked to enter your IRCTC account details, if you don't already have an account, you will be asked to create one
8) Enter the passenger information and tap "Continue"
9) Confirm the booking information, then tap "Continue"
10) Select a payment method and then tap "Proceed to continue"
11) Now, enter your UPI PIN, following which you will be taken to IRCTC website
12) Enter your IRCTC password and the Captcha
13) Tap "Submit" and your ticket will be booked. You will now see a confirmation screen.
Information source: click here
May 14 (16:11)

Entry# 2195     
MPS of all the section of East Central Railway.

★★★  General Travel
May 14 (15:59)
Blog Post# 4316947-0     
Aniket^~   Added by: Somanko^~  May 14 (16:11)
MPS of Different Section/Division of ECR.
Might be Useful for many of us
Dec 16 2011 (17:15)
Coach Construction/Seating Arrangements

Entry# 872     
what is HOG

May 09 (17:48)
Blog Post# 4312903-7     
Imbroglio^~   Added by: 16229🔹MYS🔄BSB Express🔹16230^~  May 11 (01:08)
WDP-4B 40001 (now BGKT)
Having HOG ports

May 09 (18:03)
Blog Post# 4312903-8     
Keshav K rf™^~   Added by: 16229🔹MYS🔄BSB Express🔹16230^~  May 11 (01:08)
Nopes no WDP4D is/was HOG capable..only some WDP4B were capable enough...
Eg. 40084/40085 BGKT -> Regular links of HOG JP JU LHB ICE
Eg.40079 PRATEEK -> Now HOG ports taken off...

May 09 (18:12)
Blog Post# 4312903-9     
Shaurya117^~   Added by: 16229🔹MYS🔄BSB Express🔹16230^~  May 11 (01:09)
Only one experimental WDP-4D prototype is HOG fitted. Else only P7's and very few WDP-4B's are HOG capable.
Edit: After some research, I've found that experimental HOG WDP-4D prototype is TKD WDP-4D #40110

May 11 (00:39)
Blog Post# 4312903-23     
HOG WAM4 WAP1~   Added by: 16229🔹MYS🔄BSB Express🔹16230^~  May 11 (01:11)
HOG (Head-on generation) simply means that the electricity used for coaches (lighting, fans, A/C, pantry car cooking equipment etc) is generated by the locomotive. It is not related to electrification or OHE directly. In an electric loco, the power will come from the OHE. In a diesel loco, it will come from the diesel generator in the loco.
In an electric locomotive, since the electricity is supplied by the OHE, a locomotive having a HOG feature simply has some equipment in it which converts the power received from the OHE into something suitable for powering the coaches.
a diesel locomotive, the electricity is generated by the diesel generator (alternator). This electricity is normally used to run the traction motors and other equipment in the loco. But it is also possible to use part of this generated electricity to power the coaches. So, HOG diesel locos are the same as normal diesel locos, with just an additional option to use the electricity generated by the diesel generator for powering the coaches.

May 11 (00:49)
Blog Post# 4312903-25     
HOG WAM4 WAP1~   Added by: 16229🔹MYS🔄BSB Express🔹16230^~  May 11 (01:11)
I believe 4-5 WDP4B locos were given the HOG feature (40001 being one of them). But IR never took the HOG feature seriously in diesel locos. For electrified sections, using HOG locos will help save diesel. But on un-electrified sections, it doesn't really make a difference as both the loco and EOG use diesel only. The HOG for diesel locos wasn't a failure, rather it was just not useful in the way they were doing it.
Also, an E-loco can have a HOG feature without losing it's traction power. Since the power is drawn from the OHE, it can just draw the additional power from OHE while maintaining it's regular hauling power.
a diesel loco however, the power supply is limited ( it is only as much as the diesel generator can generate). So, if a HOG feature is to be given, then the tractive power will be reduced, making it difficult to haul heavy loads.
For example, if 500 HP is required for powering all the lights, fans A/C etc in a rake, and if HOG is to be used, then an e-loco and a d-loco will differ in the following way (using a WAP7 and a WDP4B as examples).
1) WAP7 - The WAP7 can get the additional HP directly from the OHE, by just having a higher capacity transformer. So, while a non-HOG WAP7 has 6350 HP for powering the traction motors and the other equipment in the loco, a HOG loco will still have the same 6350HP available for the loco and the additional 500 HP will be directly derived from the OHE.
2) WDP4B - The only source of power on a d-loco is the diesel generator, which has a limited capacity. So, in a 4500HP WDP4B, 500 HP will be used up for the HOG, leaving only 4000HP for the loco, reducing it's hauling capacity.

Rail Fanning
Jan 24 2014 (18:21)
Blog Post# 973875-0     
ɱεшศг รʄ εχ℘гεรร~   Added by: 16229🔹MYS🔄BSB Express🔹16230^~  May 11 (01:05)
AC &
HOG fitted EMD . TKD WDP-4D
#40110 with 12963 Mewar express
Location- RPZ
credit- ajay singh chouhan

Dec 16 2011 (17:08)
Blog Post# 304979-6     
Begins Falls Rises ™~   Added by: Harsh*^~  Dec 16 2011 (17:15)
HOG means Head on Generator!!!
this is actually used in most emergency purposes!!! only a 3 phase loco can transfer the power from over head wires to the EOG's n to the coaches!!!
After extensive trials and improvements on the design, commercial service of HOG scheme involving one 3 phase electric loco and 12 passenger coaches & two power cars have been started from 21.02.2011 between New Delhi-Kalka & back in train no. 12005/’06 NDLS-KLK Shatabdi Express. In this scheme the power supply is received directly from locomotive through couplers and
DG sets kept off to be used during emergency only. The supply from locomotive is 750V, 3 phase.
No noise (DG sets will not be used)
• Saving of HSD oil (about 700 Ltrs per round trip)
• Economical (saving of about 18,000.00 per round trip)
• Pollution free environment at Rly. station etc. (No smoke as DG sets will not be used)
this isnt introduced everywhere as of now!!! wil take sometime to hit the tracks!!!!
mostly few WAP-7's n WAP-5's have this 3 phase system as of now!!!!
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