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1) One of the eye-catching trains of Indian Railways....the Mumbai LTT- Madgaon Double Decker Express at its source & getting ready to depart for its destination journey along with updated Railway #TB of the train.
2) Electrification poles & wires work completed upto Apta Station after Panvel Station
22127 Anandwan SF Exp in its 2nd run after ite LHBfied. The trains has LHB coaches in which:
* 2 EOG are of Duronto ,
* Out of 3 general two are of Antyodaya & one normal LHB.
* All AC & Sleeper coaches are standard Red LHB.
As expected the train was whole empty. General 20-30% occupied one can secure any single window seat he want.
Sleeper where 20-25% occupied.
And even very less in AC.
The increase in stop at MMR, JL, SEG or changing the day as on Monday it self Gimb-Vskp Exp, Navjeevan exp, BKN-SC exp and Anandwan run back to back.
The slot of BKN-SC is empty for rest days of Wed,Thurs,Fri & Sun . It can be used.
The place on which the name has been kept i.e WRR, the train reaches at odd time in Up & Down journey.

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First WAP -1 Of Indian Railways...😰😰
The #Offink Looking This Gradpa Arakkonam (AJJ ) WAP-1 #22020 with 12163 Dadar Central - Chennai Egmore SF Express #TB ..Waiting For Departure From PF No.7 Dadar Central :))

😨Omg #offink Dr-Pune -Ajj wap1 detached ??
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