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Date of journey: - 6/09/2016
After spending 9 days in Kolkata it was time to go back home and decided to take the duronto express the fastest trains to Mumbai from Kolkata which takes just 26 hrs. of journey time, on 5th of September it was quiet a pleasant day, but as sun set time was nearing the dark clouds covered had covered the sky and it started raining heavily, In matter of time the street of Kolkata were under water, and it had rained whole night i slept around 10 after packing up my bags and completing my work .!
Next day i woke up, and saw sunshine after whole night raining. I got fresh and booked my cab for the station from hotel , my hotel wasn't that far from station it hardly took 15 mins for me to get to the station .after reaching the station i went to the pf:- 22 .! Reached hwh station at 8:00 am. at pf:-22 pune - hwh azad hind was already standing , and later the announcement started in Bengali , and i couldn’t understand what they were telling or informing , it was 8:30 and still no sign of the rake , nor any pf had the train number of hwh duronto , i called up my rail fan friends to know what’s the status of 12262 showing on ntes whether its rescheduled or not , and they informed nothing is showing, one of my friends told , are u sure u didn’t miss the train na , I was like no .! I have been standing on station only , later I went to the enquiry desk and saw the counter fully covered with the crowd as if there something worst have happen but , later they informed that due to water filling in the yard and locomotive shed all the departure would be late . I sat were I could find an empty bench , 1 hour went , 2 hr. went , Dad call came up to know what’s that status about the train bcoz it was 3 hrs. Up and after 3 hrs. You can cancel the ticket of the train if it hasn’t yet started; I said I’ll wait for few hrs. if no then ill return back to the hotel and then book the flight tickets as I was dam tired, it was around 12 pm and the announcement started that 12262 hwh – Mumbai duronto express will leave from pf:-18, so all the passenger went to the pf:-18, I saw only hand full of people only going to pf:-18. And then at 1:20 the rake was shunted by KGP WDM3A 16230R.

When I saw the chart of B3, I was shocked seeing it only 8 people in my coach , and that to 4 people from hwh and 4 from tatanager , after I boarded the train I called you my dad just to inform I had sat in the train , the train departed at 2:15 pm from hwh , after departing 2 water bottle were given , and as there were few people , TTE came and checked the ticket , after crossing the waterlogged region and passing SRC the lunch was served , later I decided to take a nap as I was dam to tired sitting at station for more than 6 hrs. , later at 16:30 I woke up and saw that train at halted at outer, and with a jerk it started and saw that it was skipping KGP station it was 16:47, later the train pick up the speed and soon soup were served with bread stick, the soup tasted good so I asked the attendant that could I get one more soup, he gave me one more.! the train was hitting mps of 110-112 km/hr. on my gps , train even ot a goods train through the loop line , reached tatanager at 7:30 pm where I meet amit Kumar , a rail fan living in Tata nagar , the train was running with a delay of 6 hr. 30 mins , skipped Rourkela jn at 8:36 pm after that we even ot a train with emd , but couldn’t know which train it was , after that dinner was served and then I was off to sleep , next day morning we reached Nagpur jn at 6:00 am , 30263 ajni wap7 was standing at outer , and then a surprise came , RPM wap 7 30354 with the Chennai – NZM duronto arrived at ngp ,
After departing from Nagpur jn , AQ 30315 with Sewagram express was standing at the outer waiting for signal , skipped ajni jn through the loop line as freight was on main line , AFTER skipping the ajni jn the mps rampage started , breakfast was served with newspaper and also magazine were given , The train was doing nice mps until we reach akola where the train was halted at outer and also 5 min halt at the station as track work was going on , the famous akola – mhow mg passenger train

Reached bhusaval around 9:30 am bcoz of the delay I was lucky enough to see the ngp – bsl section during the day time , and later then after departing from bhusaval the lunch was served it was tasted better then yesterday lunch , Even we overtook some CST bound train , skipped manmad station at 12:59 pm , after manmad skipping manmad it was just fun to stand on doors and watch the curves and the green nature as it was monsoon time so the greenery was just awesome , after reaching the IGP , it was then the fun time , a parallel action with the gkp jansadaran express down the Ghats , after skipping kasara at 3:01 and halted at kyn for 5 mins , reached kyn at 4:15 , by that time the train was running for the 7 hrs. late , departed from kyn at 4:20 and after departing saw AQ 30270 with Sewagram express , first time got both the Sewagram express one at ngp outer & one at kyn outer , later after that kyn wdp4d 40316 with kornak express passed by , exiting the parshik tunnel the kyn wdp4d 40325 ( gaurav ) + dead kyn wdm-3d 11373 passed . skipped thane jn at 4:35 pm and a parallel run with the Mumbai local, A brand new lhb rake was at nahur yard which was used as CST – karmali ac spl in 2016 The last dc local motormen cabin was with the garbage local at kurla, skipped kurla at 4:53 pm and then tea with snacks were served as it was the last leg of the journey, only few km were left .reached CST at 17:35, 7 hrs. Late of its official timing.

Thanks for reading my blog
Udit Mehta

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Do photo bas teda agaya hai.
Baki behterin likhi hai sir apne.
Is train me ekbar chadna hai mujhe.
Kharagpur skip hote hui dekhna hai mujhe.
iPhone ka issue abhi tak theek nai hua hai , hamesha teda upload hota hai😖
Thanks anyways
110 mps k bawjud 92 average speed great controlling by CR
रेलवे लाया ट्यूर पैकेज, 11340 रुपये में करायेगा 7 ज्योतिर्लिंग और दक्षिण भारत की 11 दिवसीय यात्रा, आईआरसीटीसी की वेबसाइट से होंगे टिकट बुक।।।
Train-22973 Gandhidham Puri SF Express via VZM
I travelled by this train from GIMB to NGP. Last time travelling by this train was a pathetic experience (in 2014) . That time it was a Express train with avg speed of 45 KMPH and pathetic maintenance.I reached Gandhidham Rly Stn by 21.50 HRS and I missed spotting 22956 Kutch SF Express. Gandhidham Junction was completed revamped. New electronic coach indicators like the ones installed at Ankleshwar. Station was clean and as soon as was I entered I spotted 22484 Gandhidham Jodhpur SF Express being self shunted by BGKT WDP4 20096. My train was standing on PF3 with customary link VTA WDM3A which I could not capture because of RPFs. We departed correct time at 23.00 HRS. I had pre-planned that I would be awake to witness SIOB-DHG doubling. Between GIMB-SIOB 22973 thrashed many train at speeds of 105 KMPH. After SIOB the run was rather lazy. We were made to stand on the mainline for freight train most of which were hauled by SBI WDG4Ds. The max speed in SIOB-DHG section was a disappointing 95 KMPH. Between SIOB-DHG tracks are laid on some part and somewhere the land is not even levelled.After DHG I took a brief nap to wake up at Virochannagar being skipped at MPS making me realize that I have missed to spot Viramgam Junction. The run from VG-CLDY (CLDY-Chandlodiya)was very good with max speed of 109 KMPH. After CLDY we had a slacky run till ADI . At Sabarmati(SBT) we crossed a BOXN rake hauled by AJNI WAG9. we entered ADI PF4 at 03.58 HRS when I spotted BDTS bound Suryanagri pull out of PF5. VTA WDS6 shunted in the rake of legendary Karnavati Express on PF6 having a HS EOG. meanwhile a BRC WAM4 crossed from the track beside us which made me suspicious if 22973 was going to get WAM4.we pulled out of ADI at 4.20 HRS. In the ADI YARD I spotted Prerna Express rake plus a WR rake of HUMSAFAR having just one EOG at back. I again took a nap to get up at BRC OUTER where we were greeted by 12843 Puri Ahmadabad SF Express with BRC WAP4E. while we were entering BRC PF1 I spotted the empty rake of Mumbai Central Vadodara SF Exp with BRC WAP5. Besides us on PF2 was Vadodara Bhilad Express with BRC WAP5. After BRC we became late by 15 mins but skipped many stations at MPS. At Panoli we were looped. I was confirmed that we were to be overtaken but by whom? Soon the mystery was revealed by the distant view of a BRC WAP7 which hauled THE LEGENDARY NEW DELHI-MMCT RAJDHANI EXPRESS. The overtake was electrifying . Just I was hoping for a overtake by AK RAJ the train accelerated out of panoli rampaging the tracks at MPS . this again made me think if 22973 had got a BRC WAP7 as one was spotted at Sabarmati end.(Good to see that this train is given preference by WR). We reached Surat late by 20 mins at PF3. after 5 mins another legend AUGUST KRANTI RAJDHANI made its royal entry on PF 2 of ST with a BRC WAP7. just as I was thinking that that AK would be given preference we pulled out of Surat.At ST outer HWH ADI SF Express crossed us with SRC P4. At Udhna we were looped to enter the TV section where AK RAJ skipped us from mainline with electrifying speed. At the curve of TV SECTION I spotted my link and both my guesses went wrong as it was a BRC WAP4E. At ST some LOCO PILOTS boarded my train for Bhusaval. The run from ST-NDB was MPS run (of 100 KMPH). Between ST-NDB we overtook a Passenger train. I took my lunch at NDB. At NDB outer a RTM WDM2A was doing some freight duty(WHY??? ROUTE IS ELECTRIFIED). Just after NDB we crossed ED WAP4 hauled Navjeevan Express. After this crossing I got up at Paldhi to see that we were late and running 40 mins and by the time we reached Jalgoan we were 1 HR behind the schedule. We reached Jalgoan on PF3 . On PF2 was standing Mumbai Lucknow Puspak Express which was also running late. Puspak was given the starter after which we departed Jalgoan. Bhadli and Tarsod were dismissed at 110 KMPH. We arrived Bhusaval Junction 1 HR late. at BSL ELS I spotted a good amount of Freight Locos. The main of which were KYN WCAM2P twins coupled to a freight train.After Bhusaval BRC P4E showed it's true colours and Ripping off several stations by which we reached Malkapur 55 mins late. BRC P4E now was all set to reduce to the delays. Stations were skipped at MPS and insulted until we reached Akola 45 mins late. At Akola outer I spotted a GZB WAP1(SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE!) and a VTA WDM3D(😱😱). After departing Akola again we were back to MPS and thrashing stations. We arrived 40 mins late at Badnerawhere I spotted Amravati Pune ACSF Express with a AJNI WAP7. After BD visibility started dropping and I could no more see outside. We arrived Wardha 30 mins late. After Wardha it was a Slacky run. This train had been allotted 1.53 HRS to cover a distance of 78 kms. The train was constantly being stopped at some stations . Finally we arrived NGP PF6 with Nagpur Secunderabad SF Express at PF5 thus ending a sweet journey
Other Details-
Maintenance of train was superb . Toilets were clean and coaches were new. most of the pax from GIMB,ST,BRC,ADI were travelling to PSA,SPT,BAM,CAP. in fact the train was filled 95% from GIMB itself . TTE told me that it was heavily demanded train from ADI,GIMB,BRC,ST so railways may argument it with a 3AC coach . The was running with good WL list as stated by TTE. It has a lot of slack between WR NGP and DHG-SIOB and VG-ADI which if removed would reduce 1.5 HRS of travel time .
Overall the train has improved a lot after conversion to SF. coaches were newly made.
Thank you for reading and spending your valuable time. Tried to keep it short.

Co-Incidently I was also at Gandhidham same day onboard 22956 Bhuj Bandra Kutch SF Express
Refer PNR /pnr/post/3265487
Your Train was hauled by VTA WDM3A 18864
Wow....could have met as I was capturing some pics(RFs are easy to spot at a stn😊😊)
April 10, 2018 23:35 IST, KSR Bengaluru Railway Station, Platform 1: A few people were glued to their mobile sets monitoring the game ball by ball. A couple of them were so into the match and did not even put their luggage in their compartment. Every run, every boundary, every six being cheered, all understandably CSK fans about to board Chennai mail which had a delayed departure at 23:55. The final over began around 23:50 and the already tense fans were worried if they could catch the final moments of the game as the rescheduled train was just minutes away from departure. Few were funnily voicing that they'd pull the chain and stop the train from moving until the final ball was bowled. Much to their delight, it was only after Jadeja sent Vinay Kumar into the stands off the penultimate ball that the engine honked for its departure. The elated CSK fans rejoiced the team's return with back-to -back wins and hopped into their compartments with happy faces.
(copied from

LP must also be enjoying the match ;-)
Departing Piduguralla!! WDP-1 vs WDP-4D!! Janmaboomi and Guntur Macherla enjoying diesel paradise!!!
Watch here:click here
Train journeys are always thrilling. And it gets even more exciting, when you are travelling through the virgin unexplored diesel branch routes.
Time is 11 AM IST. And the quiet little Piduguralla station comes to life, as two trains running in opposite directions gets ready for departure.

Good morning friends.. Please watch the video and comment.
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