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May be it will get LHB coaches soon. ECoR got 22 coaches this month
1 25324 LS (Deen Dayalu) 18402 05/02/2018
2 25327 LS (Deen Dayalu) 18403 05/03/2018
3 25341 LS (Deen Dayalu) 18407 05/04/2018
4 25342 LS (Deen Dayalu) 18408 05/04/2018
5 25343 LS (Deen Dayalu) 18409 05/04/2018
6 25344 LS (Deen Dayalu) 18405 05/04/2018
7 25367 LS (Deen Dayalu) 18404 05/05/2018
8 25361 LS (Deen Dayalu) 18406 05/05/2018
9 25366 LS (Deen Dayalu) 18410 05/07/2018
10 25427 LS (Deen Dayalu) 18411 05/10/2018
11 25400 LWSCN 18201 05/11/2018
12 25401 LWSCN 18202 05/11/2018
13 25405 LWSCN 18204 05/12/2018
14 25409 LWSCN 18203 05/14/2018
15 25410 LWSCN 18209 05/14/2018
16 25414 LWSCN 18208 05/15/2018
17 25413 LWSCN 18207 05/15/2018
18 25412 LWSCN 18206 05/15/2018
19 25411 LWSCN 18205 05/15/2018
20 25424 LWSCN 18211 05/16/2018
21 25426 LWSCN 18210 05/17/2018
22 25440 LWSCN 18213 05/18/2018

37 posts - Tue May 22, 2018

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Banglore Raj not a single train. Any ways why i am saying that is if speed up gone wrong its very difficult for a daily train to cover than weeklies.
What i can see is from BPL to VSKP 2 hrs speed up very much possible.
Bangalore Raj is a single train and if you are thinking if its not, i am not sure why and would like to know the reason...
22691/22692 is the SBC-NZM-SBC daily which is running via GTL-RC-SC-KZJ-NGP route and its a daily service...
Is it having same number or different number ?
Same route on all 7 days with single number
it used to be abi-weekly via GY-KRNT with 22693/22693 and 5 days a week via GTL-RC-SC...its been almost 1+ year since they cancelled 22693/694 bi weekly ( not sure bi / tri) and made 22691/22691 via RC daily and they later re-routed it via GY to give end to end Electric link .... now SBC raj is a daily 22691/692 in the same route....earlier also its a daily but with 2 different routes with same TT ...
Really dont know why SWR not regularizing this train. Enough of extensions, running successfully from years , it needs to be regularized.

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in that case no spl should be regularized right
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It isn't as such but for it to get regularized there are many other factors which need to a push...Till then why will look to loose the extra revenue coming out of it...
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then ? How many years they will run it as special ? Long term special needs to be regularized if they are getting good demand through out.
Need to be but unless the parent & receiving zone give a push it won't happen..
thats what i am asking what stopping SWR to push for regularization when train running successfully from years
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This is what we need from BZA division.. backing Ratnachal.. made 18047 trail all the way up to BZA..
Good controlling👍.

At NDD 12717 was stopped from 17:02 to 17:26 (24 mins) dont know the reason...
18047 arrived NDD at 17:18 and stopped Departed at 17:37 (19 mins unscheduled halt) only after Ratnachal left..
So Ratnachal got the priority over Amaravathi even when both trains waiting for clearance at NDD station..
But bad control by ECoR 18047 was only 12 minutes late at BBS still no overtake allowed of 18463.
Talking about today's run.?
At one time 18047 is running before time.. today reached BAM ontime..but trolled badly near PSA due to 18463.
LPI CCT Cocanada AC Express with BZA WAP4,22647 on pf1 of Secunderabad jn.

43 posts - Tue May 22, 2018

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see if a train runs more 3500 km then only PM will be done at both ends.
Normally if a train taken to PIT LINE and did the maintance its called PM. If only secondary only basic maintenance will be done.
Fresh BPC should be issued wherever the brake power check is provided
in the Revised Coaching Maintenance pattern.
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There are the list of things they will do at PM
1. The attention during primary maintenance should be made more intensive
with special emphasis on the following aspects:
i) The brake gearing should be' properly adjusted including the slack
adjuster 'A' dimension & the brake cylinder stroke to ensure 100%
Qrake power.
ii) Brake blocks should be changed in only as bogie sets.
iii) . All missing passenger amenity fittings must be replaced and the
rake must -be turned out as 'Zero-Missing-Fitting' rake.
iv) Intensive c;leaning of coach toilets . .
Clear maintenance time of 6 hours should be ensured at Primary end to
enable intensive attention .
Provision of proper washing cum maintenance pit line facility with
adequate testing equipment and High pressure jet cleaning plant at
primary end
4. Adequate gang ~trength with proper supervision to ensure intensive
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You are partially right. If round trip is more than 3500, train should be taken to pitlines at both ends.
Normally if a train taken to PIT LINE and did the maintance its called PM.- that’s not the terminology. If maintenance is done at base source pitline PM. If maintenance is done at non base pitline it’s called SM..
Anyways now it’s clear for you right that AP exp had undergone maintenance at vskp pitlines in last two years and vskp has adequate facility . What ecor officials claimed was just a bluff
For SM no need to take to Pitlines , it can be done at washing line also. See below
1 Whenever the lie-over is more than 2 hours at the platform or the rake is stabled
in the yard, the rake should be locked and positive security should be provided.
2. Amenity and cleaning attention is carried out best on the washing lines where
complete infrastructure by way of men, material and machines are available.
Maintenance Manual of LHB Coaches Coach
Chapter 2 Page 19 of 40
Watering and drainage facilities are also available on these washing lines.
Ideally, for cleaning and watering, the rakes should be taken to washing lines as
far as possible. In the event of this being not feasible, such rakes can be returned
from platform/yards. However, the minimum infrastructure to be provided at the
platforms from where trains are returned without secondary maintenance should
be as under.(Ref: IRCA part IV Para E: and elaborated in
CAMTECH’s report CAMTECH/2009/M/C/terminal Attention /1.0 of March
I posted what is SM and PM. Both are not same, PM needs much more attention, check the list. AP AC used to under go SM only at VSKP, which is normal for all terminating non CDO trains. Now its PM shifted to VSKP.
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Planning Of Commissioning IN 2018-19 (SCR)

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Is Vijayawada A cabin comes towards Gundala ?
May IMP doubling going to complete this financial year. GNT - Tenali one of them.
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