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Feb 12 2018 (23:22)   IMG98445/♥♥Khajuraho Mumbai LTT Weekly Express♥♥

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Please flag this train and give suggestions. This is the only connection between Khajuraho and Mumbai, can be very useful for Tourism.

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Plz Speed up the Train
Maruti Suzuki car carrier gondola seen at #Nagpur Railway Station #CR
The Railway ministry has set the target to complete the electrification of all its tracks and phase out diesel locomotives by 2022.
Railway Minister Piyush Goyal addressing a conference here asked the officials to speed up the electrification work and set the target of 2022 to switch to electric locomotives completely by phasing out their diesel counterparts with a focus on increasing speed.
The Minister also set the target to install LED lights in all railway properties including stations, yards, housing colonies and hospitals in the next eight months.
The Railways will save about Rs 11,500 crore annually through such a move, officials said.
Shifting of railways into fully electric mode will save lots of money spent in importing diesel.
At present, the Railways has a fleet of 19,000 passenger and goods trains. Of these, about 5,000 trains run on diesel by consuming around 2.8 billion litre of diesel a year.
With the 45 % of track already electrified, the Railway Minister has urged the national transporter to increase the pace of electrification from 4,000 km in 2017-18 to 5,000 in 2018-19.
The Railways also aims to save Rs 41,000 crore in the next ten years on its electricity spending by procuring power directly from producers under the Open Access Arrangement. In this arrangement - instead of Business As Usual (BAU) - they have succeeded in achieving a cumulative saving of Rs 5,636 crore from April 2015 to October 2017.
The Open Access policy under the Electricity Act, 2003, allows consumers with electricity load above 1 MW to procure power directly from generators, electricity exchanges or through bilateral arrangements.
In BAU system, the power is procured from electricity distribution companies. The cost of power procured from BAU is always higher than that of Open Access arrangements.

itna asaan nahi hai dlocos ko phase out karna. kuch routes to rahenge hi.
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To achieve this IR need to do :
1. Electrify all route either as double electric line or atleast as Single electric line
2. Increase production of eloco
3. Stop manufacturing of alco
4. Proper utilisation of available eloco's to all trains
5. Finally all the GC project must be assign efication as soon as successful CRS
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Feb 05 2018 (15:12)
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* There are about 6000 Dlocos in IR and to phase them out we need equal number of Elocos. In addition some Elocos shall be required to replace the old locos and some more to take care of increasing traffic.
* With current production rate of about 300 locos, CLW shall take 20 years to replace them and even if DLW totally switch over to Elocos, the total replacement shall take a decade.
* Although IR has planned to fully electrify its BG routes by 2022, which can be achieved if adequate funds are alotted. But replacing the fleet of Dlocos with Elocos is a different question altogether and it is certainly going to take much longer time than 2022.
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Jan 01 2018 (09:13)  

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Which loco you all spotted for the last time in 2017..Also mention the shed if u please...
As I spotted a Tiger Face AJNI WAG 7 last..

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