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Posted: Apr 11 2018 (23:36)

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Last Response: Apr 17 2018 (02:35)
April 10, 2018 23:35 IST, KSR Bengaluru Railway Station, Platform 1: A few people were glued to their mobile sets monitoring the game ball by ball. A couple of them were so into the match and did not even put their luggage in their compartment. Every run, every boundary, every six being cheered, all understandably CSK fans about to board Chennai mail which had a delayed departure at 23:55. The final over began around 23:50 and the already tense fans were worried if they could catch the final moments of the game as the rescheduled train was just minutes away from departure. Few were funnily voicing that they'd pull the chain and stop the train from moving until the final ball was bowled. Much to their delight, it was only after Jadeja sent Vinay Kumar into the stands off the penultimate ball that the engine honked for its departure. The elated CSK fans rejoiced the team's return with back-to -back wins and hopped into their compartments with happy faces.
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LP must also be enjoying the match ;-)
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