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Posted: Dec 04 2017 (18:05)

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Last Response: Feb 14 (22:36)
Do you think short distance trains b/w MYS and SBC such as Tippu,Malgudi,Push Pull Passenger,Rajya Rani,Chamundi will get Electric loco from Mysore?

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Malgudi will have eloco from day 1, as it has RSA with Kaveri.. Chamundi and Rajya rani possible, depends on whether SWR is able to reserve eloco from other shed; Push-pulls I think they will gradually be replaced with MEMUs in future.. Tippu and Gol Gumbaz very slim chances.
gol gumbaz is a long distance train not short distance,Rajya Rani can use Rajdhani loco link.
I'm not sure where is Raj's crew change before SBC, but isn't it extra stress on LPs to run another train just after they have completed ON journey without sleep?
Crew changes at Dharmawaram
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Feb 14 (22:36)
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Another crew will takeover for the SBC-MYS run. Its just the loco that will be used.
Locos coming with daily trains like Seshadri and Island usually have long layovers at SBC. They can be used for the SBC-MYS runs. Also, with the GNT-GTL electrification now complete, e-loco availability at GTL will increase in the coming months, and trains like Udyan, Hampi will also bring in e-locos. It may take a couple of months, but loco availability will be good.
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