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1518058/All Allahabad NCR~   101 blog posts
Out of these trains from Uttar Pradesh Cities to New Delhi,which of the following daily running trains is the most important and no other train could replace it.
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1743851/WAPs soon at JBP~   117 blog posts   24 correct pred (54% accurate)
Best zone of IR

4 posts - Yesterday

Yes actually yeh essa h mre liye ki
1. Nwr, scr
2. Wcr
3. Ecor, secr
Me best zone ko vote kar sakta hu par worst zone ko kabhi vote nhi karuga quki sabhi zone me apni apni khasiyat hay isliye sabhi zone best hay
Mujhe tho wcr hi accha lagta hay
N mujhe multiple zones 😂, har zone alag Karan se ache lagte h, kuch islye cuz unn area me wadiya toh Kahi fast action toh Kahi slow n Ruk Ruk kr chalne kaa maza, Kahi ki train hi best chamakthi hui, Kahi apna love, n etc etc etc etc 😋😍 inn Sabse zone service ksi de rh h woh top priority h, btw wcr no. 2 sirf islye Rakha cuz wcr bhi kabhi kabhi service dene me partial ho jata h warna no.1 hota mre liye as it is my home zone n also it's services is still at top level atleast jo Abhi h usse woh maintain krtha h Dil se ❤️...but still kabhi kabhi dhuki kr details h islye puure honesty k sath me usse no.2 Dunga
*Btw yeh mra personal mana h.
Ab galti tho har zone se hoti hay
To @ all: The competition for the best daily SF in India reaches the FINALS ! Here , those trains which won the regional polls and wildacard poll are competing. The winner of this poll will be given the tag of "King of India".
For those who think my poll is a copied one , see the other 34 polls and you would understand:(Links will be added later)
Poll ending time: On 16/12/2017 anywhere between 16:00 and 19:00
Links of the previous polls:
1)SR level 1 poll
2)SWR level 1 poll
3)SCR level 1 poll
4)CR level 1 poll
5)WCR - SECR level 1 poll
6)WR level 1 poll
7)NWR level 1 poll
8)ER level 1 poll (Created by Pran Pratim Ghosh sir)
9)SER level 1 poll
10)ECoR-NFR level 1 poll
11)ECR level 1 poll (Created by The Lone Ranger Bhai)
12)NR level 1 poll
13)NCR level 1 poll
14)NER level 1 poll
15)SR level 2 poll
16)SWR level 2 poll
17)SCR level 2 poll
18)CR level 2 poll
19)WCR - SECR level 2 poll
20)WR level 2 poll
21)NWR level 2 poll
22)ER level 2 poll
23)SER level 2 poll
24)ECoR-NFR level 2 poll
25)ECR level 2 poll (Created by The Lone Ranger Bhai)
26)NR level 2 poll
27)NCR level 2 poll
28)NER level 2 poll
29)The Southern Regional Poll
30)The Western Regional Poll
31)The Eastern Regional Poll
32)The Central Regional Poll
33)The Northern Regional poll
34)The Wildcard poll
Informed votes: Vikramshila+5
Special thanks to Pran Pratim Ghosh Sir , The Lone ranger Sir , Aniket Sir and Hardikpathak1527 Sir for Creating polls on my behalf and popularising my polls.
Now reply feature is banned.

120 posts - Yesterday

How many more such polls? Do you think it is a good idea?
People who voted whole Heartedly won't like the idea of voting in another similar poll once again.
Better If We continue with this one only, It's nearing the end anyways.
people who love their trains can vote 2nd time also but shifting of votes and using fake id's is a wrong way of changing results.
which is not tollerated .
Yes, But Not Everyone Will See the poll yet again. And even If they see, most of them will give it a pass as not all have the time to do the same thing again and again.
There's a Saying Na- Ek Baar Jo Ho Gaya So Ho Gaya. Similar, Will Be The Fate Of The New Poll.
Anyways, It's Upto The Poll Creator To Decide What Will Be The Best. I posted What I Thought.
PS- Regarding Vote Shifting, When The Same Happens In Real World Elections And No One Is Able To Stop That, How Can Try To Overcome It in Virtual Polls?
the problem is that this poll has many problems and one way to overcome this is this only
Agree. Better If We Keep In Mind and implement these points for future polls. Let this poll be as it is now.
9 votes
Yesterday (17:22)  

1838538/GRG   1 blog posts
Which is the best ICE to travel from MS towards TPJ and MDU ?
In terms of ticket availability and speed

Only vaigai SF. Speed is different level. And ticket availabilty is not tough even in season. For me the best train is MS-MDU sector is 12635/36 Vaigai SF Express
Pallavan and Vaigai,both are good ones.
Welcome to IRI :D
Yesterday (21:22)
1838538/GRG   1 blog posts
What is the minimum ratings to vote in a quiz sir ?
60+ credits.
Do you want Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha to continue or not ? Polling open till 30th September, 2017, do keep bringing the votes

47 posts - Yesterday

एनईआर में भी बलिया छपरा अब भी आगे होगा. सुहेलदेव बांदरा में भी 20% सवारी बलिया की ही होती है. खैर इंतजार है गाजीपुर के लिये नई ट्रेन का. लगता है अब चुनाव के टाइम ही मिलेगी
ग़ाज़ीपुर - यशवंतपुर एक्सप्रेस ज्यादा जरुरी है। ग़ाज़ीपुर - चेन्नई की जगह।
चेन्नई के लिये तो गंगा कावेरी सबसे अच्छी है
GCT is a B grade station
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