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Poll for Every IRIan, Plz give your opinion.
What is Your opinion on new Trip feature :
Now time for choosing your favurate Loco, 😍Dloco or😘 E Loco, this poll became more useful to know🤔 how much member Love which type of poll more and more for your favourite Loco...🤗🤗

4 posts - Tue Oct 17, 2017

18 posts - Wed Oct 18, 2017

17 posts - Yesterday

वैसे देखा जाए तो कटनी मे दो डीएलएस है तो इटारसी का बंद होना माना जा सकता है पर इतने सारे डीजल लोको चाहे एल्को हो या ईएसमडी कहॉं जाएगे
Bza aur ed ko b mil gya pr et m p4 h bhare rhnge dkhna 🤣🤣🤣
भगत की कोठी और सिलीगुड़ी शेड को और डीजल लोको की आवश्यकता है वहां कमी है एल्को और emd की।वह स्थानांतरित किये जा सकते हैं
Ab jaha jaha pe E Loco jada ho jayega waha se D loco ko kinare kar denge ...
Abhi Bahot Time lagega D Locos Era close hone me...
45 votes
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Oct 03 2017 (11:59)  

1725946/Please Invite EVERYONE for the next IRI Convention   651 blog posts
Have you attended the IRI Admin Convention?

A lot of members who would like to participate in the next convention. Hope Moderator sees this poll and invites all members.
I have changed my screen name to reflect the same.
I also want to be the part of IRI convention...
Great! Hope, Moderator invites ordinary members too for the next convention.
Ek criteria rakhna chahye normal members k lye convention attend krne k lye... Like min 1000 ratings or other
This poll is mainly to request the Moderator to invite all to the next convention. But if you keep criteria, then many wont make it. I am sure many would like to attend. A convention, where many members gather, is to have some sort bonding - a sense of belonging to a certain group.
Anyway, this is a platform to put forward the suggestion, but its upto the Moderator to accept it or not.
If at all you are given a chance to drive a train in IR, which train will you drive? Also mention with which loco and in which section of the route you would drive the train.

48 posts - Jul 2017

10 posts - Mon Aug 07, 2017

NJP HWH Shatabdi with SGUJ WDP 4D
12301 Howrah Rajdhani with Howrah HOG WAP7, Ghaziabad HOG WAP7 30445, 30446 and 30453
12303/12381 Poorva Express with Ghaziabad WAP7 30400, 30401, 30402 30403 and Ghaziabad HOG WAP7 30445, 30446 and 30453
12311 Kalka Mail with Ghaziabad WAP7 30400, 30401, 30402, 30403 and Howrah WAP7.
Alco twins on a gradient section so that again and again the chugging comes onn
बेहतर होता आप क्विज का चुनाव करते तो हम भी अपना बहुमूल्य मत का उपयोग कर सकते होते।
17 votes
Yesterday (19:53)  

1518058/samabduskhan   35 blog posts
Which is the most underrated train of NCR,but very important to people?

10 posts - Yesterday

I agree with you coz me travelling from Bareilly thrice a month usually find this train excellent over Nauchandi and Triveni,just it lacks a 3A coach,I don't know why it is that NCR is totally forgetting about this train,it can be extended to DDN as well.
Hope they will augment 3A coach soon.
Even if 14308 gets 3A coach then that train could be best train ever running on NR upto Allahabad.
Yes Restoration of this train via ALD will increase its patronage to a little extent from HWH side because some frequent travellers from Bengal used to prefer this train mostly for travelling to ALD but that means again its punctuality will be affected. Also after ALD patronage is not that good upto JHS so that it can run jampacked. Via BSB i have no idea.
IMO its chambal exp
Its the only dedicated service between Kolkata and MKP-GWL section, still it don't receive that importance from IR. Still now it don't have a Pantry car although it has a journey time of almost 1day
But amidst everything, a thing is that recently NCR has given CBC rake to this train
Via jnh boy gayi toh aur pitaee hogi isliye jo h vahi Bhaut h aur ha Ald kahi gaya nahi h ACOI h bas connectivity kharab h
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